72 Funny Easter Memes That Will Crack Any Bunny Up

funny easter memes

It's Easter, so it's time to stock up on Peeps that no one will ever eat and bags of Hershey's Kisses. It's a day to spend with your family and take cute Instagram pictures (thanks to social media), while reflecting on what this day is all about.

But if you're the jokester in your group, we've compiled the best Easter memes and cartoons that are bound to get a couple of laughs in your group chats during the holiday. Even atheists might find some of these funny Easter memes entertaining.

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So, sit back, relax, crack open an Easter egg or two, and enjoy the ride with the best Easter memes and comics of 2022.

72 Best Funny Easter Memes

1. Can we all agree that no one eats these?

"Happy Easter to all my peeps!"

2. Bunny ears are only funny when you're, well... not a bunny.

"Bunny ears: you're doing it wrong..."

3. We have no mercy on those chocolate rabbits.

"My butt hurts!!!" "What??"

4. Real eggs don't tear other eggs down.

"Check out the dye job on her..."


5. Silly guy.


"Just kidding."

6. Funny, hard-boiled eggs are actually quite soft.

"What did the Easter egg say to the boiling water? It's gonna take a while to get me hard. I just got laid by some chick."

7. Accepting candy from strangers is a twice-a-year treat.

"364 Days of the Year: What are you doing?! We do not eat things we find on the ground!"

"Easter: C'mon kids let's go out and search in the dirt for candy a stranger left for you!"

8. They might not know what it means, but they're good sports.

"To all my atheist friends who still reply Happy Easter when someone says it to them."

9. When chocolate becomes self-aware.

"I don't know, doc, I just feel so hollow inside."

10. This is a motivator to go searching through the bushes.

"I'm looking for an adult Easter egg hunt. Instead of a fuzzy bunny and plastic eggs, they hide glasses and wine."

11. Rabbits are so misunderstood.

"Rabbits: What my friends think I do. What I think I do. What my humans think I do. What wild rabbits think I do. What society thinks I do. What I really do."

12. If you aren't willing to risk everything for the eggs, do you even care about Easter?

"Easter Egg Hunts: May the odds be ever in your favor."

13. A dream come true.

"Honey, remember that Easter egg nobody could find?"

14. If all species called the ladies 'chicks,' it'd get a little confusing.

"How Peter got himself slapped: 'Hey, check out the eggs on that chick!'"

15. Anyone would be pretty over it.


Jesus on the third day: Ight Imma head out."

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16. There are no laws when you're JC.

"Jesus, you can't just rise from the dead three days later."

"Cash me outside how bow dah."

17. How much in a serving of these things?

"Being an adult: Pros: I can eat 28 Easter eggs and nobody can stop me. Cons: I ate 28 Easter eggs and nobody stopped me."

18. Easter Bunny? What are we, babies?

"The really badass kids get visited by the Easter wolf."

19. They don't taste as nice as they look.

"The best way to eat Peeps... throw them in the trash!"

20. What? That's how I like my eggs.

"How's the diet going?"

"Not good. I had eggs for breakfast."



21. We'll take what we can get.

"*Global pandemic shuts down the entire world, unemployment rate skyrockets, families lose loved ones*"

"Easter bunny: Egg milady?"

22. Practicality never goes out of style.

"When your kids are too old, but still want an Easter basket."

23. You didn't have to cut him off...

"Now you're just some bunny that I used to know."

24. Don't talk to me with that Peep mouth.

"Me: I try not to make snap judgments.

Me, watching someone eat Peeps: You're disgusting."

25. You cannot argue with this logic.

"Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. Chocolate is a salad. You're welcome."

26. That's some nonsense.

"When you dominate the Easter egg hunt but mom says you have to share them with your siblings: Sounds like communist propaganda, but OK."

27. Can't believe I'm about to say this, but...

"That's enough chocolate eggs for me, thanks. Give me some real food!"

28. This is a religious holiday! Count your blessings, not calorie.

"Calories in Easter chocolate: stop being a d*** to yourself enjoy your Easter."

29. There's always more room when it comes to chocolate.

"Ugh, this Easter candy is making me sick. Oh look, more candy!"

30. That man deserves an award.

"I'll celebrate anyone who can turn water into wine."

31. It's for the 'gram.

"Jesus: Table for 26, please.

Waiter: But there are only 13 of you?

Jesus: Yes, but we're all going to sit on the same side."

32. It's that time of year again.

"Back by popular demand."

33. We're one big hoppy family.

"Listening to my family members spill tea about each other while they're over for Easter."

34. Jesus was entitled and hipster before it was cool.

"Jesus Christ was the original millennial: Still lived at home with his mom and stepdad in his 30s, fermented his own alcohol, thought he was God's gift to the world, tried to start a career as an influencer because he had 13 followers."

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35. The modern translation of Jesus's story.

"So then I was all like, 'Mom, chill out, I'll be back in like 3 days, tops.'"

36. We much prefer this version of the hunt.

"Easter egg hunt for adults."

37. You don't want to know how most things are made.

"Time to make Easter eggs."

38. Teen egg problems, am I right?

"You're not really going out dressed like that, are you?"

39. We need to take full advantage of this situation.

"If you don't sin... Jesus died for nothing."

40. Didn't see that one coming.

"The devil's reaction on the third day."

41. Sneaky chicks got in without making a peep.

"The Trojan Easter Bunny: I told you it was hollow."

42. They taste eggsactly like the real deal.

"We have just made vegan easter eggs!"

43. They had one job.

"The Roman soldiers guarding Jesus tomb was like... yeah... he gone."

44. Did they know who his father was?

"Jesus getting crucified: I don't think my father, God, would be too pleased to hear about this."

45. I'm not an airhead, I'm chocolate!

"Sometimes I wonder if there's anything at all inside that head of yours."

"I'd tell you if you weren't so thick."

46. Don't shame the eggs.

"You look like a w****."

47. Is that an invisible egg talking?

"I swear, it's like you guys want to be found."

48. We love this spring cleaning hack.

"In the spirit of Easter, I've decided to keep the dust bunnies as decorations."

49. High five!

"Easter cookies: nailed it."

50. The hopparazzi are wild.

"Wait, is that... is that the Easter bunny? Oh my it is! Easter! Hey, Easter!"

"Uhg... here we go..."

51. Where were you the rest of the year?

"Rolling into church on Easter Sunday like: We need a new plague. Who are all these people?"

52. It's a fair trade.

"They took my eggs... I took their children."

53. Mmm yummy.

"Blessed Jesus, you have returned to us! In what meaningful way could we possibly honor your suffering, death, and resurrection?


54. They aren't like other chicks.

"When Easter eggs hatch..."

55. Not on the day of the Lord.

"Peep show!"

56. How many puns can we get out of this holiday?

"Congratulations, prophets are rising."

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57. No eggstramarital affairs here.

"Her: He's probably thinking about other girls...

Him: I am egg."

58. Interesting choice for Jesus's alter ego.

"There's a f***ing furry at the mall!

What the hell is an 'easter bunny?'

Church sanctioned fursona."

59. Everyone wants to feel pretty.

"How chicks put on lipstick."

60. Just fun parenting games.

"Close your eyes and I'll hide the kids again."

61. Okay, but why are all these Easter eggs so rude to each other?

"She's all plastic."

62. This is why we need feminism.

"So I lay them and you get all the credit?"

63. I think not!

"Just a coincidence?"

64. No such thing as too old on Easter!

"When your mom says you're too old for an Easter basket."

65. It's the best way to honor him.

"Get stoned and nailed on Easter. It's what Jesus did."

66. Thank God for open doors.

"Love is an open door. Yes it is."

67. It's not just a phase, Mom!

"It's just a phase, honey."

68. Getting hungry looking at this.

"What kind of filling would you like?

How about caramel?"

69. The sequel to 'hot dogs or legs.'

"Look again... who saw something else at first?"

70. He showed them.


Jesus 3 days later:"

71. Jesus died for these eggs.

"His hands look like this so that mine can look like this."

72. An eggsitential crisis, maybe?

"I don't know where the eggs come from and I don't know why I hide them."

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