Ten Ways To Know If You've Met Your Soul Mate

Ten Ways to Know If You've Met Your Soul Mate

Wouldn't it be nice to know right away if the person that you're talking with is the individual that is to be your soul mate and life mate? Well, you can know by simply knowing what to look for and by knowing yourself.

Here are the 10 ways to know if you have met your soul mate.

1. Know yourself and know what type of characteristics, traits and personality you want in a soul mate and don't deviate and accept less than what you know you are satisfied with. DOES THAT PERSON MATCH THAT?


2. Do you have a witness and peace in your spirit and heart about this individual in your life? If you do not then slow it down and make sure that you are led of the Spirit.

3. The two of you seem to naturally flow together; there is a great spiritual and soul (mental) connection between the two of you.

4. To look at this person is like looking at an image of you.

5. When you've met your soul mate the two of you will display the utmost honesty and support for one another and this person will make you (the female) feel beautiful and satisfied. This person will make you (the male) feel like you're very worthy and able to accomplish anything.


6. With your soul mate it's like you've known this person for a long time even though the time has been brief.

7. Your soul mate and you are very harmonious and can work well together.

8. The both of you are very supportive of one another and desire to see growth in each other in every area of life.

9. Your soul mate accepts you for you; they're not in the business of trying to change you. They're like a best friend.


10. Your soul mate adores the time they have with you and aren't afraid to make a commitment to you.