Do Men Kiss And Tell?

Do Men Kiss and Tell?

Awhile back as I was chatting away with a few men at the bar it made me wonder ... Just how much do single men really talk about their various sexual encounters and if so just how much of the salacious sexual dirt gets spilled on the down and dirty of what happens between the sheets, or a sweaty one night stand the way it can only happen in the back seat of a car? Do men kiss and tell? In my gut I had a feeling that this kiss and tell investigation could potentially be a taboo territory for a woman to venture into, a sometimes confidential man’s society that I wasn’t privy to, unless I sleep with Man #1. See below for reference. Early the next day I sent out an email to twenty-two of my handsome and sexually active male friends to dish on the kiss and tell topic. I was surprised by the lack of response I did make me wonder were my suspicions being confirmed, was I in fact roaming into a no-mans land where no women dares to roam? I could almost see and feel myself walking across the icy slippery fields of the Antarctica fighting off the extreme forty below temps, harsh winds, and wearing no down parka. And as I herd the deafening sound of crickets coming from my computer within a few days only six men responded out of the twenty-two. Hey, maybe my friends are in high demand and too busy? Enough said I will let these six informative e-mails, typos and all speak for themselves. MAN #1 Him- I can only give this info in person and between the sheets.... Me- is that a bribe? Him- Yes... MAN #2 Him-Depends on how good she is! Me-if she sucks mums the word? Him-Also depends on the guy... A true "playa" won't need to say anything, because everyone knows if he goes out with a girl... They're having sex. MAN #3 Him-Hey! As you know :) I do chat with (you mostly) girlfriends about sex but not really at all with my guy friends (except the usual..."we have lots of sex etc.") Man #4 Him-J- I don't know about kiss and tell, I would like to know the study of women who hold out on their men and why.... MAN #5 I have some ideas. Need to think about it. xox Jennifer, I’m 53 so I believe it is a function of age, character and maturity. The younger you are, the more you reveal about explicit activities beneath the sheets. Due in large part to a young man’s own need to brag to male friends about his conquests in explicit detail. As you get older in your 30’s and 40’s, it generally depends on the “type” of friend you feel you wish to convey such detailed information – men or women. And, once older you tend to have more female friends as well to “maybe” discuss sexual conquests, but usually on a limited or restricted basis, knowing how much to say and not to embarrass anyone. Unless, she inquires and asks detailed questions, such as “Did you go down on her?” Then it is a simple yes or no. So it also depends on the female or male friend to ask the questions or initiate the discussion. Moving into your 50’s, it is rare (at least for me) to “kiss and tell.” Other than a simple comment to either a female or male friend something like, “I got laid last night” - but in the case of a female, it depends on your relationship.

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I have a number of female friends, but don’t discuss intimate details as a matter of courtesy and keeping my own intimate details to myself. Unless, they inquire and initiate the sexual conversation. Then, I will tend to reveal more but most likely keep it limited. Women talk - to other women and men. Usually can’t keep these stories to themselves. On very rare occasions usually after several drinks, a guy might say to another after seeing some hottie – “Yeah, I’d like to do her, go down on her ” Something like that, but it all depends on the type of guy friend. I have close friends where we just don’t share any intimate details about dates or sexual activities – just as a matter of our age and character. For the most part, it is just recognizing the beauty of a woman and wanting to pursue her for a date or something. When I was in my late thirties, I was dated a woman who gave the best blow jobs ever – I mean ever. So, I did share this with two close male friends at the time and on rare occasions may mention it to these same two friends if her name ever comes up – and they will remember. Concerning a long term relationship I had with a female, it almost seemed from friends that discussing intimate sexual details was “off limits” unless I initiated the conversation. And I did on several occasions indicating “she loved to have me go down on her.” As simple as that and no other details. Really, it is a function of age, character, maturity, type of female or male friend, and what you feel comfortable revealing about your sexual and intimate activities. P.S. Jennifer, you can use you wish. I look forward to your final story. If in your story you will be using quotes, that is fine. But if you use a name for the quote, just keep it anonymous or first name only please. I don’t need anything to come haunt me. MAN #6 hey jennifer! whats new? long time now see, we should grab a drink or something sometime soon and catch up. how's the book? website? in regards to your question- here's how it usually works (from my experience): if its a random hook up or neither person are in a relationship guys talk about it- in what amount of detail depends on if anything weird happened, if the sex was really good/fun or if it was really bad. but beans are spilled as to quality, what happened, and if there is any interest in the girl. If the girl is cheating on her boyfriend- guys will tell their friends too- b/c they didn;t do anything wrong so whats the big deal if the other guy finds out unless of course he is connected to their group of friends in which case, you probably wouldn't say much except to your best friend, but then again, you might be an asshole and not give a shit and tell people anyway. If you are cheating on your girlfriend- same thing- you might tell one of your buddies to get it off your chest but it might not come out until a few weeks later as to prevent such an uproar of excitement and interest in what happened. In any case, guys talk, maybe not in the extent and intimate details that women do, but we definitely talk about what happened- good, bad, crazy, weird, love, fling, mistake, etc. If something weird, kinky or just great sex went down then men will tend to tell more people if the subject of that particular girl comes up. Close friends get the real dirt, other friends just get the casual "oh i hooked up with her". hope this helps. just one man's point of view.