Into Foreplay? THESE Are The Secret Benefits Of Using A Vibrator


Convince your guy to turn up the volume on your sex life with these sex toy tips.

Are you trying to convince your partner to bring a little extra buzz into your bedroom? Want to try out vibrators but don't want to be caught dead in a sleezy sex shop? Don't worry; you're not the only one interested in spicing up your sex life.

Hearing sex coach Dr. Dorree Lynn's sex tips on how to convince our partners to turn up the volume on our sex life helps reassure us that wanting to do things a little differently is normal. She knows that vibrators are just as important to your sex life as glasses are for your eyesight. If you wouldn't go to work without your contacts, then don't get into bed without your toys! Don't worry; you can always go shopping online if you want to avoid doing the walk of shame. The best part is that if you're afraid of buyng the real thing, you can just use every day things such as massagers to replace the actual toy. Many people tend to think that their partner might not be up to spicing up the bedroom but chances are they are wrong. How are you supposed to know what he likes if you don't ask? After talking to your partner about it, you can even give him a little present to persuade him into trying something new (wink wink, if you know what we we mean!). Go online together and look at vibrators. This not only bonds you too it will also get the sexual juices flowing and that is always good for a couple.

Check out the video above for extra spicy tips!