3 Oral Sex Tricks To Make Women Orgasm Using Only Your Tongue

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Master the art of oral.

Most men struggle when they try to give their woman intense orgasms during sexual experiences like oral sex and cunnilingus. And who can blame 'em, it's not like there was a class for this! One of the biggest contributing factors that have limited men's ability to please their woman directly lies in their ego.

Have you ever heard a man swilling back a few brews with his buds, complaining about his lack of "love making" skills? Probably not! Most men are all talk when it comes to their sexual competency. But get them alone in their bedroom with the love of their life and I will bet you their confidence immediately shrinks. 

Don't get me wrong, there are many men who have women grinning ear-to-ear — from oral sex to plain ol' vaginal. But from statistics, it seems many of us lack the proper knowledge necessary to provide women with mind blowing sex.

Until now.

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One of the best ways to sexually please a woman is with oral sex, and we're here to hand deliver you three ways you can begin using cunnilingus (or "head") to give your woman the intense orgasms she craves ... and deserves. 

1. Take it slow, and focus on a circular motion.

Hopefully, you know exactly where to locate the clitoris. If you need to know, perhaps this isn't the crash course for you (anatomy maybe?). 

The first technique we'll cover is a phenomenal way to give your woman the searing orgasm she desperately wants to experience. When you go down on a woman, take your time and hover around her belly button so she can begin mentally picturing and feeling what type of lovin' you're going to deliver.

Once you have arrived at her pleasure palace, slowly begin tracing circles around her clitoris with your tongue. Make sure your movements are slow, steady and rhythmic. You must use very light, slow circles — pretend your tongue is a feather when you first begin.

As her pleasure increases, begin to flick the hood of her clitoris like you are teasing it. It has over 6,000 nerve endings, so be gentle.

As you continue tracing circles, every so often flick your tongue and see how she responds. If she likes it, then begin doing it a little more often. If she doesn't, then immediately stop and continue tracing circles. Allow her to move her body but try to keep the same rhythm.

After seven to eight minutes of using this technique, place one or two fingers in her vagina and begin stimulating her G-Spot.

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2. Move your tongue (lightly!) from side-to-side.

The possibility may exist where she may not find proper pleasure from the previous method and more direct stimulation of the clitoris is necessary. It's OK, all women differ in their sensitivity.

If that's the case, you may find this trick is perfect in helping her achieve an orgasm. Instead of using circles around her clitoral shaft, you will want to lick her clitoris sideways with light strokes of your tongue.

As always, you will want to use on steady rhythm. This allows her to stay in tempo, mentally, with what you're doing. If you head down there and use your tongue like you're shooting darts, she will not become accustomed to a rhythm and her pleasure will decrease.

3. Move your tongue up and down in one, long motion. 

Last but not least, I want to share with you another trick to make cunnilingus easy, and it's perfectly designed to hit each nerve ending she has, down there.

This is best used as she nears orgasm and most of the time it'll will push her over the edge right into ecstasy. Start at the top of her clitoris and lick her downward, until you reach the bottom of her labia — move straight back up the line you initially came down on.

Unlike the other methods, we are assuming she is already highly aroused and ready to climax. You still want to use one rhythm, but this time increase the pressure you're using. Once again the amount of pressure you use is dependent on her sensitivity. Continue moving your tongue up and down this line until she orgasms.

When her legs begin quivering, you will know she received maximum pleasure.

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R.T. Bucher is a sex expert and author and writes extensively on how to give women incredible orgasms.