Car Confessions: 27 True Tales Of Love On The Road

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From humorous to heartfelt, we've collected 27 stories about love and the open road.

Given the ubiquitous role that cars play in our lives, it's no surprise that we all have a funny, love-related "car confession" or two to share.

In August, YourTango and Ford launched our "Love on the Road" survey asking 1000+ people how they spend their time on the road, particularly when spent with a significant other. (Read the fascinating results here.)

One question asked respondents to share with us the memorable experiences they'd had involving a car. The results are a mix of sweet, funny and—in some cases—rather unusual car confessions.

Check out the top 27 tales of love on the road—and be sure to share your own in the comments section below!

Awkward encounters
1. I was on a date with a really cute guy, driving with the windows down, enjoying the feel of the wind through our hair, when all of a sudden his hair blew off and into the backseat! Yes, he was wearing a hairpiece. I had no idea! What do you do in that situation? I did the worst possible thing and broke into hilarious laughter!

2. A guy who I dated a while ago invited me to go out with him and a few of his friends. He picked me up and we drove "his" car. The parking at the lounge was $20 for valet. I offered to pay, but he insisted that it was "way too expensive." So we ended up parking a few blocks down in a store parking lot. I told him that we could probably get towed and I offered to pay for valet, but he insisted we'd be fine. We got out of the lounge around 2am and came back and the car was towed! The towing company only accepted cash at the time, and to pay by credit he would have to wait until morning. He was so urgent about getting the car out that night, I didn't understand. We had to walk 15 miles to his friends' home so that he could get the cash. Thankfully, his friend drove us to the towing company. Turns out the car belonged to his mother and didn't belong to him! If You Want To Improve Your Relationship, Hit The Road (Literally)

Close calls
3. I remember when I drove my now-husband home on our first date and he went in for the kiss... but I had strep throat, so I had to decline! LOL!!!! He knew I had strep but I guess he didn't care!

4. I got a new car and that same day I backed into a light pole at a parking lot... yes I scratched the car!! I didn't tell [my husband] about it and two days later, he did the same thing and was so upset he rushed home to tell me. While he was telling his story my 6-year-old son laughed and said "That's OK, Dad, Mom already did that, but told me I had to keep it a secret." Then he leaned over, put his arms around me and said "See, Mom I didn't tell Dad!"

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