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YouTuber Finds Body While Filming Video Inside An Abandoned Church

Photo: Google Maps / Milwaukee Medical Examiner's Office
Abandoned church

Police in Wisconsin are looking for some assistance in identifying a body that has been discovered inside a church that has been abandoned for more than a decade.

The body was discovered on the second floor of a multi-use building which has a church on the first floor and bedrooms on the second near MLK Drive and Burleigh Street around 6:45 pm on August 10th.

Matthew Nunez discovered the body while filming a video for his YouTube channel.

Nunez arrived at the vacant building and gained access to the roof via a ladder as it was the only place that would allow him entry into the abandoned building.

Nunez told police that he was filming a video about abandoned buildings.

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After discovering the body in what looked like a bedroom, Nunez contacted the Milwaukee Police Department.

Firefighters entered through the roof the same way Nunez did before police forced entry into the building downstairs.

The body’s head, feet, and left hand were skeletonized, and because of the clothing that the man was wearing, they were able to assume his gender and found some of his body still intact.

Police claimed that because most of the body had been skeletonized, no resuscitation attempt was performed.

The Chief Forensic Investigator at the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office, Amy Michalak, reported that the deceased person appeared to be a Black male who had nothing inside of his pockets.

“Wearing American CIE brand size L dark coat w/ orange lining, white shirt w/Pfizer logo & ‘screen for health’, black pants and below 5 rings,” reads the tweet from the Milwaukee MEO.

The man also had a black glove covering his left hand.

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They also hope to identify that man through the tattoos that were discovered on the intact parts of his body.

“S and possible AV with additional illegible letter on right forearm,” they described, “geometric designs on left upper arm, KING on left forearm and indiscernible design on left wrist.”

"It’s been abandoned for many years 15-16 years," Dellareese Williams told Fox 6 News. She lives around the corner from the abandoned building. "But then we seen a ladder going into the building and we were just like no one has been in that building for years."

According to WISN 12 News, there was no gun and no sign of drugs near the body.

The investigation report described the building as “disgusting” and claimed that it was unsafe to walk in.

Police have also revealed that they have been combing through missing person reports in order to find a match, but with no luck.

"Then to find out that it was someone deceased in there that had been away from their family and missing for God knows how long that’s really the heartbreaking part," Williams said. “Man, someone’s family now can possibly get closure also they can begin to grieve.”

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