Worker Gets An Invoice With A $150 Fee After Quitting Without Giving A Two-Week Notice

They said it was for an "emergency staffing fee!"

A person on TikTok explains a letter a company sent a person for quitting without giving notice. TikTok

Sometimes a job becomes so stressful that employees quit without formalities. Or perhaps, they just don’t care enough to give a two-week notice. A survey from The Harris Poll found that just 55% of people gave a two-week notice when they left a job.

Typically, the only penalty for not giving notice is souring the relationship with the employer. However, one company charged their worker for their abrupt exit! 


The worker got an invoice of $150 for not giving a two-week notice.

A man, who posts under the username @care4people on TikTok, shared a letter that a boss sent to a quitting employee. The invoice charged $150, and the description reads, “emergency staffing fee” because the employee “did not give two weeks’ notice.”

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At least there’s no tax! Well, probably because it’s illegal to require an employee to pay that. Even though it can be rude, an employee can leave their job anytime without facing financial repercussions. Unless they have some contract with the company, which the average employee doesn’t have. Plus, this invoice does not give any mention of that.


“You’re legally allowed to quit your job at any time,” the TikToker explains. “The same way a company is legally allowed to fire you at any time.”

He explained that not giving a two-week notice is actually worse for the team members than the bosses. So, that money better go to the hardworking employees picking up the slack, not management.

On top of that, this letter was not only a selfish move but not a very clever one. In today’s world, it’s increasingly difficult for companies to get away with mistreatment without people finding out.

“This is a bad look for the company. All it takes is one person to post this on Glassdoor, and the company reputation is tanked,” he said.


Glassdoor is a website for employees to review companies they’ve worked at. Right now, no evidence suggests that the worker shared the letter on the website. It first gained popularity when it made the rounds on Reddit.

The employee shared the letter on Reddit’s “r/antiwork,” a subreddit described as a place “for those who want to end work…and want personal help with their own jobs/work-related struggles.”

They captioned the letter, “Several years ago, I quit without a full two-week notice and the company sent me this invoice a few weeks later.”

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People replied to the thread with hilariously petty ways to respond.

Some people suggested the person should have replied to the company with their own invoices.

“You need to send them an invoice for your time reviewing their B.S. invoice,” one person wrote. “$250 per invoice review, to be paid before any invoice review work can be started.”

Others gave funny reasons for the former employee to charge the company, such as $500 for a “wasting my time fee” and a surcharge of $525 for having the “100% audacity” to send an invoice like that. 

One person found it so “absurd” that they recommended the worker frame it.


You should always quit your job if an environment negatively affects you. Though giving a two-week notice is not required, and certainly should never be penalized financially for not doing so, it’s courteous to your fellow employees. 

According to research, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce gives nine of the most popular reasons why people quit jobs—one of which is a “strained relationship with management.” However, relationship with fellow employees is not on the list. Sticking it to management when you quit on the spot may be satisfying, but it hurts the workers far more than them.

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