Man Late For Work Because He Is Stuck In Traffic Is Told By His Boss 'You're Not Considering How This Affects The Team'

Getting stuck in traffic was out of his control, but his boss believed that he was being inconsiderate.

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In life, it is typical for unexpected circumstances to arise, even on a workday.

When one man found himself in a “lake of fire” while on his way to work, he was shocked by the response he was met with from his boss.

The man’s boss told him he was ‘not considering how this affects the team’ after being late for work due to traffic. 

“We’ll be for horsemen deep into the apocalypse and still going into work,” the man shared on the Reddit forum "r/antiwork" referring to his boss’ irrational remark. The expectation to come to work — no matter what — is high and the exchange between the two is a clear indication.


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When the boss asks the man why he was late for work, he informs him that he got stuck in traffic on the way in — that a “lake of fire swallowed the freeway,” as he describes it. Still, the man’s boss doesn’t believe his fair explanation is an excuse. “I feel like you’re not considering how this affects the team,” his boss responded. 


The man is not the only one to find himself in this predicament. According to a survey conducted by Workyard with 1,600 U.S. respondents, 25% of employees report that traffic is the dominant reason why they are late to work. 

Car troubles and public transportation delays are also among the top reasons people encounter issues making it to work on time.

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Other Redditors slammed the boss’ response and shared their own personal stories of how they were treated when they were late for work.

“Once had my employer offer to pick me up if I didn’t bring myself in after a snow storm… drove myself there an hour later just to be told we were leaving shortly,” one user wrote.


"Have you tried bringing a bottle of water? I know that when I get overheated I like to drink water and that solves my problem. I just don't see why you can't drive through the fire and have water to keep cool,” another user sarcastically commented.

“I bet there is a manager out there somewhere who would complain if you died and didn't come in,” another user pointed out.

Getting caught in traffic is something that is out of everyone’s control. However, if you find yourself backed up in a sea of vehicles and are aware that it will make you late for work, it is wise to call in ahead of time to let your boss know.


"Regardless of the reason, it's always important for employees to communicate with their employer and let them know if they're running late or unable to make it to work on time," says Jarir Mallah, who works at Ling, a gamified language learning app company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The majority of employers will understand — they too, have been caught in traffic before.

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