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Woman's Innocent Tweet About Enjoying Quality Time With Husband Causes Backlash Online

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Woman with her husband

Daisey Miller probably thought that when she posted a tweet about her morning routine that she would get some likes and move on with her day — she was wrong.

In the tweet, Miller expressed her love for her husband, but that wasn't the problem people were having with it.

Her tweets about enjoying a coffee with her husband rubbed some people the wrong way.

“My husband and I wake up every morning and bring our coffee out to our garden and sit and talk for hours. every morning. it never gets old & we never run out of things to talk to. Love him so much,” Miller wrote.

She thought that the tweet would give people a heartwarming feeling, but instead, people were mad at what they viewed as her bragging about having a privileged life.

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One user wrote, “I feel like when people brag about their life online it really takes away from the sanctity of it. Sad society we live in.”

Another user wrote, “For hours? But what if we weren't inherently wealthy and have to work and stuff? Lol.”

Many people took it as a personal attack on their lives as they couldn't live the same life Miller and her husband were.

“What is the purpose of this communication? I'm happy for you but it’s just smug, self-satisfied bragging if it’s true. Your partner is most likely embarrassed by the tweet, or at least should be,” one person commented.

Miller also read these comments and decided to respond to them to justify the tweet.

“We are not rich by any means. we’ve worked extremely hard to get to where we’re at. We live very minimally and consciously & work jobs that match our lifestyle and allow us to live the life that we do,” she wrote.

Some users rushed to defend Miller's tweet.

After reading the innocent tweet by Miller, people were surprised at how others could turn it into a negative thing.

One user wrote, “My god you people are miserable. She’s trying to share a wholesome moment & you people are like ‘did I just catch you enjoying life.'”

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Another user wrote, “Wow, reading the comments, people are so miserable that they simply cannot accept other people’s happiness."

Additionally, many people thought Miller’s daily routine with her husband was sweet and appreciated her tweet.

One person commented, “I actually love this. I think being able to have time with & connecting with your partner is so important.”

Another person wrote, “This is lovely. My husband and I have taken to sitting outside watching the puppy tear around in the yard after the kids go to bed and just talking, although it’s beer/wine instead of coffee. May your morning joy continue in perpetuity!”

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