Stranger Approaches A Barefoot Man Holding His Two Kids & A Loaf Of Bread To Repeatedly Ask Why He’s Crying

He just wants better for them.

homeless dad with two kids Facebook

With the rise of social media and camera phones, the impacts of poverty, homelessness and food insecurity have gone from a hidden problem to one that smacks you right in the face if you stay online long enough.

In December 2022, a Facebook account called BI Phakathi TV posted a video of a man he had found in a state of despair on the streets. The man had no shoes on and struggled to carry his two barefoot small children as he clutched an open load of bread.


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It was apparent that the man had suffered an injury to one of his eyes as he cried while moving side to side impatiently.

A stranger approaches the upset, struggling father and asks him what is wrong.

The person filming walked up and asked the man why he was crying repeatedly before he finally uttered the almost inaudible words, “I’m tired.” Though his words are not entirely clear, the distraught dad said that he would do anything for his children.


The man recording asked the father to move to a more private area on the sidewalk so he can talk to him. After they got there, he continued to pepper the upset dad with questions about his state of mind.

He responded by sharing the struggles he was having with providing for his kids between sobs. The man let the stranger know that he would give his life for his children and wanted to give them more as they pinched off the loaf of bread he was holding.

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The person recording the video asked the man what he could do for him, and he responded by saying that he would like to provide a happy Christmas for his children.


He went on to explain that although he did work fixing and selling items, it was not enough to take adequate care of his kids or give them the holiday that they deserve. The heartbroken father asserted, “I try my best.”

The stranger responded, “Listen here, brother. I don’t know you, but I know what you’ve just been through. I understand. I’ll do what I can just to show you that I care.”

He asked the man to sit down, and he crouched in a corner with his two children nestled in his arms. The videographer then handed the man several bills, which he gratefully accepted. He continued to hand over money until he has given the family all he had.

The father continued to express his gratitude as the Facebooker assured him that God loved and care about him and his children. Phakathi also handed two men standing by a few bills and asked them to take care of themselves and each other.


Viewers were extremely moved by the generosity that the father and his children were shown but saddened by the fact they were put in such a position.  

One emotional man wrote, “Couldn't hold back my tears...All I can say Mr. Phakathi...may you be blessed even more, keep on allowing the Lord to use you. We need you. We love you. We support your work.”

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to situations like this, but it could easily be someone you care about needing help. Last year, 1 in 4 parents struggled to pay for food in the U.S. When life has blessed you, it is your duty to look out for those who happen to be less fortunate.

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