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Woman's Mother-In-Law Told Her To Stay With Husband After His Angry Outbursts Because 'He's Going To Be Successful'

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The angry and overprotective mother-in-law trope has been around since the establishment of marriage.

So much so, that people are surprised when a woman has a good, healthy, and functional relationship with her husband’s mother.

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It should come as no surprise that a study by the Evolutional Psychological Science Journal found that almost half of those who have married have conflicts with their spouse’s mom.

Researchers also found that these relationship issues are caused by "genetic conflict," or the tendency for a mom to act in the interest of her genetic kin, i.e., her child.

One woman’s mother-in-law advised her to stay with her abusive husband.

One woman on Reddit knows about how a mother will advocate for her son inappropriately firsthand.

In a post titled “Lost all respect for my mother-in-law,” the disgusted wife took to the subreddit, "r/marriage", to share her story.

She starts by sharing that she is currently in the process of divorcing her husband.

According to the Redditor, her soon-to-be ex has always “had a bad temper and tends to throw things or hit/kick walls and doors when he's upset.”

The woman goes on to say that her estranged husband’s most recent bout of anger was the last straw.

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She tells readers, 'This time he aimed his anger at me and I ended up in a headlock trying to protect my daughter from him.'

After the assault, she says she filed a police report but opted not to file charges because her husband supports her financially.

She did admit that his monetary assistance was not the best reason to avoid holding him accountable because he withdrew all of the money from their shared bank account.

But the biggest slap in the face came from her mother-in-law, whom she went to about her husband's violent temper and threatening behavior.

The poster claims that instead of supporting her and acknowledging the danger in the situation, his mother advised her to stay in the marriage.

The man’s mom justified her shocking advice by telling her daughter-in-law that the problematic man was "going to be successful someday."

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People blame the son’s dysfunctional behavior on his upbringing and his mother enabling him.

Commenters understandably believe the mother to be part of the problem.

One person posted, “She raised an abuser so of course she sucks.”

Another reader commended the woman on making the right decision, saying, “Disgusting is right. Good for you for leaving and doing what’s best for your daughter. Seriously.”

However, the frustrated wife clarified, “I haven't left completely yet since I have no money, but I am talking with my resources and planning so that I can!”

The same person explained that there are financial and emotional support services for victims of domestic abuse and violence in most states. They applauded her strength and courage.

They also told her that she is not alone, and they were right.

1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence from a partner at some point in their life.

If you or anybody you know is experiencing domestic abuse, The National Domestic Violence Hotline can help.

Call them at 1(800)799-7233 or text ‘START’ to 88788.

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