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Woman Confronts Man Who Was Taking Pictures Of Her Young Daughter In Amusement Park Line

Photo: Reddit
Amusement park argument video

A recording of an incident that occurred at the Six Flags amusement park in Vallejo, California, went viral after many people sympathized with a woman who was very openly yelling at a man while they stood and waited in line for a ride.

After being reposted to the subreddit “r/PublicFreakout,” the video received tens of thousands of upvotes and was commented on nearly 2000 times.

The woman was confronting the man for taking pictures of her daughter in the line.

The video opens with the woman, who is dressed in a colorful long-sleeve shirt, yelling at the man who is wearing a Captain America-themed basketball jersey.

“Go to your gallery,” she yells for him to do, as another man she may have gone to the park with defends what she’s doing to bystanders.

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“This dude is over here taking pictures of little girls, and either y’all are going to take him, or y’all are going to take me,” he explains. “I’m just keeping it real with you.”

Whoever the man was explaining the situation to seemed to understand the gravity of what was happening now as tensions grew between the accused and the upset mom.

After she saw the man go into the photo gallery on his phone, she saw something she didn’t like, and started yelling “Why do you have my daughter in your phone?”

She repeats the question, yelling, before continuing and saying “delete it right now before I sock the s--t out of you, I swear to [expletive] God, you [expletive] pervert.”

The second man, who was explaining the situation off on the side, continues to reason with whoever he was talking to outside of the frame.

“I’m just keeping it lit with you. You should come here because y’all are either going to take him to jail or take me to jail,” he says, making it seem like he’s talking to some sort of security.

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“He’s taking pictures of little girls. Kids. Not even teenagers.”

Since the woman is yelling so close to his face, he makes a motion to wipe all of the spit she’s likely throwing his way, causing her to double down on the accidental spitting before lodging an intentional saliva assault.

Trying to reason with the man she was with, the perpetrator attempted to talk to him before the other man pushed him away and told him to “back up,” leaving him to deal with the mother alone.

Eventually, the man claimed to have deleted the photos from his phone and explained himself, although he was speaking too low for the camera to understand what he was saying.

The video ends just seconds after the woman calls him a pervert for the last time.

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Reddit users were critical of the man but also skeptical of the situation.

Many people who lived in the northern California area near where the video was filmed shared their anecdotal experiences, with one user claiming that they’ve “come in contact with too many sick f--ks at this park.”

One user shared their ire towards the man, saying “Slimy f--k. He should be glad he only got a faceful of spit.”

Another person replied, “Deleted the photos out of his gallery. Odds are, he still has them in the recycle bin where he can restore the files later,” calling him sick.

Some people suggested this should have escalated even more in order to get the man reported as many claimed he was probably hiding worse things behind closed doors.

However, some people were skeptical of the woman who was yelling at him.

“Without context this is ridiculous to post online,” one user wrote. “Was he taking a picture of the crowd or an actual close-up of her daughter? The internet shouldn’t be the court of public opinion…”

The line for the ride was long and crowded, so there is potential to believe that he could have been filming or taking pictures unrelated to the woman’s daughter.

“Reddit is notorious for posting videos without full context or proof,” another user said.

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