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Woman Shares Creepy Text She Received After Man Overheard Her Calling Out Her Number To A Cashier

Photo: missangiang/ TikTok

Dating in 2023 can be scary to say the least. 

Gone are the days of anonymous Tinder hookups where you’re lured to a random stranger’s house. People are prioritizing their safety over a one-night stand. 

But one man decided to cross the line from endearing to creepy after he snagged a woman’s number in the supermarket line. 

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After giving her number to the cashier for the rewards program, a man took that as an 'OK' to save her number. 

The situation was shared on Tik Tok by user “@missangiang” (Angie). 

Angie recounts how after a shopping excursion at Old Navy, she received a random text that became extremely creepy. 

The text was from a man behind her in line who thought it would be okay to save her number after hearing her give it to the cashier for her rewards. 



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“Hey, I saw you at Old Navy today and got your digits when you gave it to the cashier for your rewards,” he explains. “I hope you don’t mind, you are so pretty I couldn’t resist.”

Of course, Angie was extremely creeped out. 

“I can’t even with this,” she says, showing the message in the background in her video. 

“This is not okay, sir, to get my phone number when I’m giving it to a cashier at a store for my rewards. This is super creepy vibes.”

Angie even texted the man back, explaining just how weird and not okay the situation was. 

To make matters even worse, Angie revealed that she had just gotten out of a “25-year marriage.”

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Women began to share their own situations similar to this. 

Unfortunately, it seems like Angie wasn’t the only one who had to deal with things like this. 

“An Uber driver once texted me after dropping me off and asked me to dinner,” one woman commented. “I’m really on the fence about how I feel about it because had I been attracted to him, I may have been flattered instead of creeped out.”

Another woman explained how she had somebody follow her from the voting polls and was “just wondering” if she was single. She called the cops on him and set up cameras immediately after. 

But the texts revealed a much more sinister truth that many women are aware of: we will never be safe. 

Shortly after the video went viral, many men decided to put their two cents in and made some not-so-funny jokes about the situation. 

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Angie revealed a comment where a man joked about waiting for her outside with "chlorophyll" — the user references a green pigment found in plants but likely confused it with chloroform, a chemical that can be used to render a human unconscious. 

“Jeff here is just going to take it when he gets rejected,” Angie said, showing the comment in all its glory. 

Whether it was a joke or not, it’s never okay to joke about something like this. 

This is the scary reality many women have to face. 

While dating should be lighthearted fun, men will never realize just how vigilant a woman has to be. Sometimes it’s a matter of life or death. 

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