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Mom Shares Adorable Video Of Her Paralyzed Dog Showing Her Baby A Unique Way To Crawl

Photo: @kahluasadventure / TikTok 
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A heartwarming video of a paralyzed dog teaching her owner’s son a unique way of crawling is capturing the attention of animal lovers all over TikTok. 

The video has received over 6 million views since being posted on August 6. In the video, the dog, Kahlua, demonstrates to baby Caleb how she gets around.  

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TikTok user, @kahluasadventure — who is Kahlua’s owner — filmed the video in her kitchen. At the start of the now viral TikTok, Kahlua and baby Caleb sit side by side. Kahlua’s owner can be heard saying, “come on!” as she beckons the dog to come over to her. 

In the video, the injured dog appears to show the baby how to crawl.

Kahlua obeys and uses her front two legs to pull herself forward while hopping on her back end. At some points, she also scoots along the floor to get around. 



Baby Caleb watches the dog as she moves past him. Kahlua’s owner then urges her to show Caleb how it's done. “Show him how to do it, Kahlua!” she says. 

Caleb adorably mimics his dog’s movements by scooting along the floor with one leg tucked underneath him.

“Seriously, is this why he doesn’t crawl?” Kahlua’s owner captioned the video. 

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The video has stolen the hearts of many TikTok users in the comments. 

“The dog was so happy to show him. Omg this is adorable and deserves to go viral,” one user wrote. 

“Absolutely adorable. Best friends forever,” another user commented, referring to Kahlua and Caleb. 

In a separate video, Kahlua’s owner explains that she sustained injuries to her spine and hip after falling off of a three-story balcony while she lived with her previous owners. Her injuries ultimately left her paralyzed. 



“Her foster family did an extremely wonderful job raising her and rehabbing her and allowing her to adjust so she could go to a forever home,” her owner shared.

She decided to “take a chance” and adopt Kahlua. “She is an amazing addition to our home,” she says of the dog. “She is absolutely living her best life.” 

Kahlua’s owner also shared that Kahlua has a wheelchair that she uses to get around from time to time. The chair allows her to get around faster and easier. 



“We’re so happy she’s a part of our family,” her owner gushes. 

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