Woman Who Sued Her Parents For Being Born Without Her Consent Explains Why Her Own Children Can't Sue Her

If you're currently pregnant, she says you should hire a medium to discuss consent with your baby.

Kass Theaz talking about why her kids can't sue her on TikTok TikTok

A mother who had previously gone viral in July 2022 for claiming she sued her parents because they gave birth to her without her consent has recently gone viral again — this time, she’s explaining why her own children can’t sue her.

The New Jersey native goes by “Kass Theaz” on TikTok (@isatandstared) and is a satirical content creator on the video-sharing app. She posted a video on May 24, 2023, in response to someone else that seemed dumbfounded at the mention that she had gone shopping for her kids.


She believes that her kids can’t sue her for giving birth to them because they were adopted.

In her original video, she claims that she sued her parents for having her without her permission. Before they appealed it, she claims that they had been giving her $5,000 a month in order to sustain herself — court-ordered, of course — but then she had to “get a job” in order to pay for her own bills.

The whole debacle was a joke but, given how many people took her seriously, viewers were outraged when she revealed she had kids of her own. So, she decided to satirize that too.

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“Omg you have children??” read the comment that Theaz replied to in video form, immediately understanding that people were shocked because of the way she threw her own parents under the bus for having her, but she explained that her situation was different.

“A lot of people are shocked to hear that I have children considering I sued my parents for having me without my permission, but I just want to make a couple of things clear here. So, my parents that I sued, they contributed to, you know, conceiving me,” she claims.

“They didn’t try to contact me in any way before I was born to see if I actually wanted to be here, and that’s why I sued them,” she continued on, adding that if any pregnant women were watching they should hire a medium to ask their unborn child for permission to have them.


When referring to her own children, the ones that she adopted, she says “It’s different when you adopt because it’s not my fault that they’re here. I’m just trying to be a good person and help them out. You know what I mean?”

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Theaz claims in the very bio of her TikTok account that it’s for 'satire.'

“I’m suing for emotional distress because that cost me approximately 3 mins of my life,” one person wrote in the comments. “I think I lost my last brain cells watching this,” someone else shared. “I sued the sun for giving me a sunburn. And I sued the wind for messing with my hair,” a third person mocked.


However, it seems like not everyone decided to gloss over the details of Theaz’s account as some comments on her videos were interspersed with a sense of humor. “How do you do this with a straight face? You’re hysterical!!” one person asked.

“Even though I know, you almost have me convinced lol,” someone else wrote. A second praised her, saying “well done girl, these comments are brilliant.”

A lawsuit like that would probably never hold up in court, but the ethics surrounding having a child in this day and age are frequently talked about — maybe that’s why she (satirically) took things a bridge too far.


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