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Woman Steals Man's Dog Because He Was Holding A Baby—'Dog Or Your Child, You Can't Have Both'

Photo: YouTube
Woman stealing a man's dog

A YouTube video posted in 2013 about a woman from Richmond, London, stealing a man’s dog has resurfaced and reentered conversations on dognapping. The YouTube video has since reached 3.7 million views.

Enjoying a nice walk with both your baby and beloved pet is an activity that most people would love to partake in. To this woman, however, you can’t enjoy the company of both.

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The woman stole the man's dog because she claims 'He was abusing it.' 

The man who posted the YouTube video wrote in his description, “I was carrying my baby and had my dog tied out the front of the convenience store for a few minutes. I came outside and this woman decided that I was abusing my dog cause she didn't like being pet by her.”

The woman is seen in the video speed-walking away from the man with his dog in her arms.

He explained that the woman had said, “that she was now going to keep my dog.”

She takes off the dog’s collar and claims the man was stealing her dog.

The man explains that the woman was telling people that he was trying to steal her dog, which explains why she had removed the dog’s collar to make sure the dog could not be identified. 

She also takes this cruel act even further, “She also threatened to take my baby and that she was going to call child services on me. Hence the '[dog] or the baby' comment.”

In the video, the woman is heard saying, “Dog or child, you can’t have both.”

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The whole time the man was carrying his baby following this hysterical woman

His poor dog has been taken by this woman all while this man is holding a child and trying to get some sort of evidence for her horrendous behavior. Luckily, people saw her noticeably erratic behavior and helped the man get his dog back. He says, “She dropped the dog and ran away. Dog and baby are ok.”

Photo: Dariusz Grosa / Pexels

Dognapping seems to be on the rise despite this incident ending well.

Unfortunately, pet theft is becoming a more common occurrence for pet owners across the United States. Chewy reported that since 2021, dog thefts have risen by at least 30%.

According to PetKeen.com, “Two million dogs are stolen every year in the United States.” They've also approximated that “One–third of all dogs and cats in the United States go missing every year.” 

These numbers are unsettling and cause major safety concerns for pet owners in the United States, especially when coupled with the fact that viral videos like these are reemerging.

It’s important to keep your pets safe as dognapping and other pet kidnapping issues are on the rise. This issue could have escalated if the lady had successfully gotten away with that man’s dog, who knows what could have happened? Fortunately, however, the man, his baby, and his dog were all safe!

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