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Woman Smiles In Mugshot After Being Charged With Stabbing Boyfriend To Death With A Sword On Christmas Eve

Photo: Cape Girardeau Police Department
brittany wilson mugshot

A 32-year-old Missouri woman was arrested late on Christmas Eve night on suspicion of stabbing her boyfriend. While the crime itself doesn't seem unusual, it was the woman's mugshot that is bizarre.

The Cape Girardeau Police Department released the Brittany Wilson's mugshot, showing the suspect grinning ear to ear, looking chillingly content, after stabbing her boyfriend with a sword.

Many are wondering what was going through Brittany Wilson’s head in that moment.

Wilson was arrested on Christmas Eve — and the situation was bizarre from the start.

Police went to Wilson’s residence late Friday, December 24, after receiving an alarming call. According to a local news site, “the caller reported she had killed her boyfriend with a sword.”

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Then, as stated in the Cape Girardeau Police Department’s news release, cops found Wilson outside her house, with blood on her clothes.

The statement reads, “Officers detained Wilson, and additional officers entered the home to check upon the safety of any additional residents.”

But those officers instead found Wilson’s 34-year-old boyfriend, Harrison Stephen Foster, dead in their residence, with what looked to be fresh stab wounds, reportedly three.

Wilson was arrested and brought to Cape Girardeau municipal jail that same night, where the notorious mugshot was taken.

Her surprising mugshot has drawn a lot of attention to the case.

Wilson’s mugshot might be one of the most mystifying elements to the story; despite all that happened — reportedly agreeing that she had killed her boyfriend — her mugshot features a wide smile, without a trace of negative emotion on her face.

In response to the police department’s release, Facebook users were thoroughly confused.

One user commented, “She looks happier than most people I know. Like genuinely happy.” Many others agreed and chimed in with their own speculations.

Why does Wilson look so happy in her mugshot after allegedly murdering her boyfriend?

With all the speculations about her smile, drugs or malice account for many of guesses, though the trustworthiness of the average social media user should always be questioned on a serious case like this.

Wilson does admit that she and her boyfriend had been taking methamphetamines that day.

According to local news, Wilson told officers that her boyfriend has had several “entities” living in his body for months, also claiming that he had been harvesting people’s body parts.

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According to Wilson, by killing him with the sword, she believed she had now set him free of those entities.

It is unclear if maybe a genuine, possibly drug-induced belief that she had saved him is what makes her mugshot so unnervingly happy — or if there is another reason behind it.

Even though her thoughts specifically remain a mystery to us, psychologically, there are a multitude of reasons that drive people to smile in their mugshots.

Some common reasons people smile in their mugshots include disbelief, pride, and worry over public appearances.

Wilson is currently being held on a $2 million cash bond.

She has been charged with both first-degree murder and armed criminal action by Judge Frank E. Miller of the Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

On Monday, December 27, Wilson was arraigned at 2 p.m. Perhaps this will offer some psychological insight for all the confused people following her case when she enters her plea.

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