Boxer Who Abused & Killed 1-Year-Old Stepdaughter Told Inmates She Has ‘Buried Three More Babies’

She has become their 'number one target.'

Savannah Brockhill, Star Hobson West Yorkshire Police / Facebook

A stepmother who is imprisoned for the murder of her partner’s 16-month-old daughter has been making "sick jokes" about her crime, according to a former inmate.

Savannah Brockhill, an amateur boxer, was sentenced to 25 years for the murder of Star Hobson on 22 September 2020.

Now, a woman imprisoned with the convicted killer has said she has joked about killing other children and is facing threats from her fellow inmates, according to reports.


“Savannah said that there were three more babies buried in a field behind her house,” said Amy Louise Cowan, who had been locked up with Brockhill.

“Savannah is cold and callous. I never once saw her cry.”

Now, horrified inmates who learned of Brockhill’s crimes are allegedly focused on avenging the toddler’s death.

Savannah Brockhill’s inmates have reportedly declared her a ‘target.’

The 28-year-old has reportedly been placed in an isolated wing at HMP Styal in Cheshire for her own protection.

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“She’ll be the number one target there. Prisoners will be queuing up to try and shank her,” claimed a source. 

Inmates were horrified by Brockhill's crime.

Cowan says the prison had a visceral reaction to learning about the stepmother's abuse.

“When she got in to the wing I never heard the jail as loud in all my life," she claims.

“They were kicking at her door and spitting in her food and in the end she went on a hunger strike and got moved to the segregation unit for her ­safety. I said to her we couldn’t ever be friends, but she still trusted me.”

Savannah Brockhill and Frankie Smith were both imprisoned for Star Hobson’s murder.

The child's mother, Smith, was sentenced to eight years for allowing Star’s death after a judge branded her a “neglectful parent.”


During Brockhill and Smith’s trials, it was revealed that the couple had subjected the toddler to months of psychological and physical abuse, allowing her to be caught in the crossfire of their “toxic” relationship.

The couple were accused of filming Star’s abuse and neglect, including one of the "clearly exhausted" toddler falling off a plastic chair onto the floor.

On the day of Star’s death, it was Brockhill's "fatal punch or kick", delivered with "the force of a car crash" that damaged her internal organs and caused deadly internal bleeding, the judge said.

A judge rejected Frankie Smith’s claims that she was also a victim of abuse.

Justice Lambert said that Smith was not “so dominated” that she couldn’t leave Brockhill or seek help for Star.


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“Frankie Smith, it was your role to protect Star from harm, you failed to protect her, allowing her death,” she said, “You both behaved in a cruel and callous way to Star.”

Social services did not act to protect Star Hobson.

It has been reported that the couple were visited by social workers five times, twice accompanied by police, after family and friends raised concerns. 

However, Brockhill and Smith managed to avoid being held responsible until it was too late. The final report was made just weeks before Star was killed.

A judge paid tribute to Hollie Jones, Star’s former babysitter who was the first person to contact social services and had "tried to protect Star.”


Harrowing victim impact statements from Star’s grandparents revealed the true loss of an innocent life. 

The grandparents remembered a happy, affectionate baby girl who enjoyed art and playing with her loved ones. 

Great-grandmother Anita Smith said: “All I want is Star back, I know there is nothing anyone can say or do to change what happened but it doesn't stop me praying every day.”


“I kiss her photo every night and say goodnight Star, and morning beautiful when I wake up.”

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