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Chicago Dad Beaten To Death While Hanging Christmas Decorations Outside His Home

Photo: Martinez Funeral Home
Chicago Dad Beaten To Death By Two Men While Hanging Christmas Lights Outside His Home

A husband and father of three from Chicago was killed after being severely beaten while hanging Christmas lights. 

Jose Tellez was putting up decorations outside his Gage Park home when two men struck Tellez in the head with “blunt objects” according to the Chicago Sun Times. 

Police have not released any other information about the suspects. 

No arrests have been made in connection to Jose Tellez's death.

Tellez was attacked at around 6:30 p.m. in the 3500 block of West 58th Street. However, the motive remains unknown.

A neighbor next door who was also putting up decorations when they heard Tellez’s daughter scream and ran over to help. Tellez was bleeding from his head and was on the grass with lights still in his hand according to the neighbor who asked not to be named. 

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His daughter was by his side yelling, “My dad, my dad, he’s hurt,” the neighbor said. “I told her to get a blanket to put on his head. There was a lot of blood.” 

Tellez was still breathing when he was put in an ambulance, but later died from his injuries at the Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn according to authorities. 

Neighbors say Jose Tellez was a great family man. 

The neighbor who ran to his aid says the event has left her “traumatized” and cannot think of anyone who would want to hurt him.  

Another neighbor across the street, Silvardo Nodal was putting up his Christmas tree when he saw an ambulance down the block. He was later shocked to learn Tellez had passed. 

Nodal had known Tellez for ten years and described him as  “a family man, a hard-working guy” to the Chicago Sun Times. 

“It’s a shame. This is supposed to be the best season, the Christmas season. It’s a family thing. These things shouldn’t be happening. It’s a big shock for all of us,” Nodal said. 

Now, Nodal and others in  the neighborhood are coordinating a contact list to report any suspicious behavior to one another.  

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“Something must be done, should be done,” Nodal said. “It’s not only the police work. We as individuals, what can we do for our neighbors, what are we contributing?”

Jose Tellez's family has created a GoFundMe page. 

Money raised on the GoFundMe page, which was created by a family member, will be used to help with funeral expenses. 

The fundraiser by Daisy Castro describes Tellez as, "a loving husband, father, brother and son. He leaves behind a wife and three children. At this time we kindly ask for prayers and if you are able to, any donation is greatly appreciated. Your donations will help cover the cost of funeral expenses and to help his wife and children. Our Family thanks you for your support!"

The fundraising page has already raised $50,000 for Tellez’s family. 

The page was updated with a link to the funeral service page. His funeral is scheduled for Monday, December 20, 2021. 

“He came here to provide the best for his family, you know as all of us do, the American dream,” Nodal said. “But this is not the American dream.

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