Server Lists All The Things Customers Did To Annoy Her In Just One Day

It takes a lot of patience to work in the restaurant industry.

TikToker vents about serving job TikTok

TikTok user Caitlyn Maez (@caitlynmaez) is reminding restaurantgoers just how tough the food industry has it by sharing a few stories about the different types of customers she has met while working at a restaurant. 

There are many ways to be a good diner, but also many ways to be a horrible one and Caitlyn certainly knows a thing or two about the latter.

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The restaurant server revealed her worst customer encounters of the day.

Caitlyn began her first story with a lady who came into the restaurant with her 4-year-old daughter. 



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The mother wanted to know what sort of deals there were on “half-price appetizers” for that day. 

She told the lady that they only offered half-priced appetizers until 4 PM and it was required that they sit at the bar to get the deal. The mom said she wanted to sit at the bar but, since she was with a young child, Caitlyn could not allow this.

“How am I supposed to get half-price appetizers?” replied the mother.

Caitlyn reiterated the policy that patrons were only allowed to get the deal at the bar. 

She responded that she would just have their server do the deal for them. Little did she know that Caitlyn was also her server!

“Hi guys, my name is Caitlyn, I’ll be taking care of you today” she recalled. 


Caitlyn said that the woman responded with, “Of course, you will be” while rolling her eyes. When she asked the woman what appetizers she wanted to order, the woman was not impressed! 

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Churchgoers in restaurants seem to forget their manners.

The second story was about the “church crowd” — the people who came in on Sundays after church.

“Party of eight, all separate checks, they rack up a $129 bill — whatever. They are the neediest people I have ever had in my entire life,” Caitlyn accuses. 

Caitlyn revealed that she was also a bartender, and that she had made one of the ladies in the party a “cosmo.” The lady didn’t like it, and sent the drink back to be remade because “something [was] not right.”


The second time, she came up to the bar with a few words to say.

“Can I have someone that knows how to make a cosmo make this for me?” Caitlyn recalls the woman asking.

Caitlyn, with a smile, assured her that “of course” she could. While recalling the story, Caitlyn reveals the anger she felt inside while posing as the perfect server. 

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The church party was taking forever to leave.

She then revealed that the same party of eight was getting to-go food and boxes — as well as separate checks. She’s cleaning everything up for them and in the meantime she was about to hit overtime. 


“I gotta go, I gotta get off the clock, so I need y’all to get out of my restaurant,” said Caitlyn.

As Caitlyn was cleaning up and getting the guests ready to go, one of the women in the group waved her hand in Caitlyn’s direction while asking if she could be “cashed out.” 

Caitlyn was furious at the woman's impatience since she was already in the middle of completing tasks for the group.

The last thing that irked Caitlyn was that one of the ladies asked for an unsweetened tea to go.


The woman wanted a fresh cup of tea, instead of the one she already had on the table. So, when Caitlyn brought the tea back for her, she was surprised.

“I asked for an empty cup,” said the woman.

Caitlyn responded that she didn’t ask for an empty cup, but the woman insisted she “go ahead and do that for [her].” 

The video ended with her cursing out the camera once again, as if she was speaking to the customer's face.

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