Woman Says Her Ex-Husband 'Gifted' Her A Jet In Their Divorce To Keep Things 'Normal' For Their Son And Spend Quality Time Together

Some people applaud their co-parenting skills, while others critique their means of transportation.

A woman takes a Key West trip on her and her husband’s private plane with their son. TikTok

When parents separate, many changes happen that can impact their children. So, some opt to keep things as similar as they were before splitting to avoid hurting the kids.

One mother’s attempt to maintain a semblance of normalcy comes in the form of a private plane getaway to the beach with her family. Along with her son and other children, her husband tagged along.

A woman says her ex-husband 'gifted' her a jet in their divorce to keep things 'normal' for their son.

Bunny Hedaya, 32, posted to the video-sharing app TikTok of her trip to Key West, Florida, with her family.  At the beginning of the video, she joked, “My ex-husband gifted me a jet in our divorce.”


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She clarified her joke while taking shots at people who disapprove of her lifestyle. “Wouldn’t that make them so mad?” she asked while laughing, referring to people online that get mad at her for flaunting her wealth.


She explained that she and her husband, Harry Hedaya, 55, who’s a successful entrepreneur in Florida, are separated at the moment but they wanted to continue to “spend quality time together” with their son to keep family life “normal” for him.

“We’re really committed to keeping our family together and happy, whatever that looks like,” she said.

Along with their son, several other children took a trip on their jet to Key West, with the parents in the cockpit. But their trip was not a long vacation by any means.

“We just pop over for the day,” she said. “We don’t have all that luggage and baggage of spending anywhere for the night.”


She elaborated in the comments that the flight is only 45 minutes, compared to a round trip of eight hours by car. And on top of that, trips like these help them keep up with their flying skills since they pilot their private plane.

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Several people took to the comments to bash her choice to use a private jet.

“We don’t have to spend money for the night, but we have to pay $30 million for this jet. So economical!” one person wrote sarcastically, imitating Bunny.

Other people called her out in comments about “global warming” and the “ozone,” suggesting that routine trips like these harm the environment. A European Federation for Transport and Environment study supports the climate-conscious commenters’ assertions, stating that a private plane produces two metric tons of carbon dioxide per hour — overshadowing the 4.6 tons that a car produces in an entire year.


Despite the environmental concerns, many people applauded Bunny’s co-parenting initiative. 

“Separating a marriage is not the same thing as separating a family. This is commendable beyond words,” one person wrote.

“This is such a win for everyone involved, there’s nothing better than seeing kids that are loved and supported! And a big part of that is that your son is able to see both parents pursue their happiness, and show respect toward one another,” another added.

People have different ways of raising their children. Not many of our parents flew us privately to Key West on an off-day, but having ones willing to work together amid a separation to give their child a happy family deserves praise.


Kate Anthony, a certified life coach who specializes in co-parenting, told YourTango in March 2020 that with every decision, co-parents should ask themselves, “‘Is this really in my children’s best interest?’ If the answer is ‘No,’ take a deep breath and move on.”

Bunny and Harry’s decision to have a family trip to the beach is undoubtedly in their son’s best interest. You can just see in the video how great of a time he had!

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