Woman Reveals How She Got Revenge On Ex At His Wedding To The Girl He Cheated With

Can you blame her?

Allie Harding TikTok

A woman has revealed the hilarious, yet, extremely petty, way that she got revenge on her cheating ex while at his wedding.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Allie Harding, who often posts videos giving out relationship advice on the platform, shared with her followers the plan she decided to enact after being invited to her ex-boyfriend's wedding, who married the girl that he'd cheated on her with.

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Harding stitched a video where a woman asks, "What is the pettiest thing that you've done after the end of a relationship?"



"My ex sent me an invitation to his wedding with the girl that he cheated on me with. Just to piss me off," Harding exclaimed in her video. 


Instead of getting angry with her ex and refusing to go, however, Harding decided to make use of the invitation.

"I wasn't mad at all," she assured. "No, no, no. I went to that wedding."

Harding detailed the plan she'd come up with, explaining that she ended up bringing "two dates" to the ceremony.

She brought the bride's ex-boyfriend and the man she was cheating on her fiance with.

"I brought her ex-boyfriend," Harding said, referring to the bride, who her ex-boyfriend had cheated with. "And the guy she was cheating on my ex with."

Her ex-boyfriend likely didn't expect to see either of those men there and was bound to get upset.

"They are now divorced," she concluded with a laugh.


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The video attracted thousands of comments, with many people praising Harding for getting revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

"That's not petty, they invited you, you were just polite," one user wrote, while a second user added, "you are everything I strive to be."

A third user wrote, "Yup. It’s official. We need to be friends! You understand my level of petty!"

Singer Alexandra Starr, who also went viral after she was hired to sing at her cheating ex-boyfriend's wedding, also commented, writing, "The pettiest thing I’ve done is sing at my ex's wedding and throw water on his face and leaving during the first dance."


Starr had previously gone viral as well after her cover band was hired to perform at her ex-boyfriend's wedding, who had no idea his ex-girlfriend was the lead singer for the band.

She claimed that she had been dating the groom for five years before he cheated on her with the woman he was set to wed and decided to enact her revenge on the unsuspecting bride and groom by singing "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood.

After finishing the song, Starr promptly throws a glass of water at the groom before leaving, once again proving, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."


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