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Woman Refuses To Sell Her Half Of ‘Dream Home’ To Ex-Husband And His New Girlfriend After He Cheated

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woman refuses to sell home to her ex husband

A woman has taken to Reddit to ask people whether she is wrong for not selling half of her house to her ex-husband. The couple decided to get divorced after 12 years of marriage after the husband cheated. 

"We are joint owners on the House and he is demanding I sell my half to him so he and his girlfriend (23F) can live together as they want to start trying for children,” the woman in her 30s wrote.

The woman further explains that since both of them own the house, the husband wanted to own the entire property as he wants to start having kids with the mistress. 

The woman is reluctant to give up her share of the property.

The woman refused to sell half the house to her ex-husband for obvious reasons, however, another reason was that it is her dream home. 

She cherishes the house and doesn’t want to sell it to her cheating ex-husband, “Maybe it's spiteful of me but i'd sooner sell my half to a random on the street than him.”

In the 12 years of their marriage, they never had any kids. The woman wrote that there was a fertility issue from her side.

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However, she suggested alternatives, “I suggested we try adoption or a surrogate but he was against both options, adoption because the kid wouldn't be his biologically and surrogate as he didn't like the idea of a stranger carrying his child.” 

After not being able to reach a mutual decision, the woman accepted that they wouldn't have kids. However, the husband had a hard time processing it which led him to cheat on her.

Now, after getting a divorce, the ex-husband decided that he wants to start a family with his girlfriend and needs the house for that. Therefore, demanded that the woman sell half of the home to him. 


Even then, she offered suggestions to reach a common ground with him, “I've suggested that I buy his half instead or that we just sell it and split the money.

But that didn’t please the husband as he insists on wanting the house for his girlfriend and him.

Internet users were quick to put the husband in the wrong. 

The fact that the husband cheated on the woman didn’t sit well with anyone. 

One user wrote, “Even if he didn’t cheat and the marriage broke apart for a different reason, him saying 'I need this for my potential new family' seals the deal on how terrible this man is.” 

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Another user wrote, “Cheaters deserve absolutely nothing. He should sell his half to you. He cheated on you how DARE he try to move in his little mistress to have and raise kids in the house that you picked! It's your dream home.”  

Some people even questioned how something like this wasn’t decided in the divorce, “I very much doubt the house has anything to do with his ability to get his gf pregnant, so I say he can have a kid and be a family without it. But if it was settled in the divorce that you should sell to him”

To which the woman replied, “The divorce decided we either buy the other out or sell it fully, I refuse to sell to him and he refuses to sell to me, but he is also refusing to sell to a third party, he is refusing every option that doesn't end up with him owning the house.”

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