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Woman Refused To Go To Her Birthday Party Because Of Husband’s Prank

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Woman enjoying at her birthday party

After having had enough of her husband’s pranks, one woman decided to not show up at her birthday party that was organized by him.

However, she felt guilty about ditching her husband like that so she posted on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA) thread and asked other people what they thought about it.

“My husband is a jokester and a prankster. He has a habit of pulling pranks, especially on my birthdays!” the woman continued.

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“He judges my reactions as ‘overreactions’ and says I should loosen up and be extra happy because he thinks he's making my birthdays extra funny.”

It goes as far as her being embarrassed as everyone ends up laughing at her while recording her which upsets her.

For her recent birthday, the woman warned him that she won’t go to the party if there are pranks because she didn’t want to be publicly humiliated as it was held in a public restaurant.

The woman’s husband promised her that he won’t play any pranks at her birthday party.

“He swore on his mom, on the bible, promised me and brought two witnesses. Wrote an agreement stating he'd pay $ money if he pulled a prank,” the woman explained.

After those theatrics, she believed him and thought that he was being genuinely honest.

She even went as far as canceling plans with her parents who wanted to spend time with her on her birthday and decided to go to the party.

However, the woman refused to go to the party after she got a text from her husband’s friend’s wife that he was going to pull a prank.

The woman wrote, “I was stunned as she detailed what the plan was going to be. I felt so upset and anxious. He already went ahead and got to the restaurant to make sure all was set.”

She decided to not show up at the party which resulted in a lot of angry texts from her husband.

After a while, he stated that the party would start without her.

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The woman just turned her phone off and went to celebrate her birthday with her parents.

Later, at home, her husband had been waiting for her and was ready to start a fight.

He asked her why she ditched the party at the last moment.

“I told him why and he called his friend's wife a liar and reminded me of all [the promise] he made and accused me of not trusting his word,” the woman added.

“I said I couldn't take the chance and [risk having] him basically ruin another birthday of mine.”

That led to an argument between the two and it ended with her husband not talking to her.

He was quite upset as he felt that she had wasted his time and money in planning the birthday party.

Redditors let the woman know that she wasn’t wrong.

One user wrote, “Honestly, I'd spoil one of HIS birthdays with a ‘prank’ and ask why HE doesn't find THAT funny.”

Another user wrote, “Pranking that upsets a victim is a lot more nefarious than immaturity. It’s about power and control and the desire to see someone uncomfortable or frightened. ‘Funny’ has nothing to do with it.”

Many people also thought that their relationship isn’t healthy and that the woman shouldn’t be with him.

He continuously humiliates you, then tries to gaslight you into thinking you're in the wrong for feeling humiliated. This isn't how a healthy relationship works. He does not care about you,” one person commented.

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