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Woman Gets Offered A Job On The Spot In Her Interview But Then Overhears How The New Boss Speaks To Other Staff

Photo: TikTok
Eve Peña

First impressions are everything, especially when meeting for a job interview. Such as the case for one woman, who ended up turning down a job position because of the hiring manager's rude attitude.

In a video, TikTok user Eve Peña, who shares career advice and daily workplace skits on her platform, shared that she has been on the hunt for a new job for the last two months, and while she thought she had finally found a job, she noticed a few red flags during the interview process.

Photo: TikTok

Peña turned down the job after overhearing how her new boss was speaking to his staff.

Peña began her video by recording herself as she just arrived for her job interview. As she was sitting down filling out paperwork, Peña claimed that the hiring manager had been yelling at one of the staff members and was "being mean," which was the first immediate red flag.

"So, I got the job on the spot," Peña explained, updating viewers once she was out of the interview. She proceeded to reiterate the events that took place, which ended with her turning down the offer based on the work environment she had noticed.

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"I walk in, I sit down outside of his office and he's immediately berating someone for 15 minutes before my interview," she said of the hiring manager. "Both aggressively and passive-aggressively. He's saying some not-nice things."

Afterward, the hiring manager walked over to Peña and handed her a piece of paper for her to fill out. She pointed out that there was no introduction when he had done that. While filling out the form though, Peña noticed an odd question on the form.

"One of the questions on this weird paper was, 'Do you have any upcoming life events?'" So, I'm like, oh, he's asking me if I'm pregnant," Peña recalled. As soon as the interview started, the hiring manager informed her that he fired his last assistant after she got pregnant, had her baby, and began working from home.

"The interview was super short because he's 'such a great judge of people,'" she continued, adding that he told her he doesn't like when employees "make mistakes" and needs people to be "really fast." The final nail in the coffin for Peña was noticing the other employees in the office.

"I saw some of the other people working there, and the look of existential dread on their faces was bad." At the end of it, Peña had been offered the job, but after noticing all of the red flags, she kindly turned down the offer.

Work culture and how an employer treats their employees is something that many job seekers look at when deciding whether or not to accept a role in a company. According to a survey conducted by Fractl, one in three workers has turned down a job offer after reading negative reviews about a company online.

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In the comments section, people pointed out that Peña may have dodged a bullet.

"I would have walked out when he was berating the other person," one TikTok user wrote, while another user added, "There are so many red flags with this job and interviewer."

Other users pointed out that the hiring manager asking about Peña's "upcoming life events" is an incredibly inappropriate question to ask both during an interview and in general to employees.

"That's such an odd question. Definitely discrimination to not hire pregnant women so he tried to find a way around it," a third user pointed out.

Another commenter agreed, writing, "The major upcoming life events question is an immediate [red flag] and would have had me running for the hills."

A strong first impression can set a positive tone, make a lasting impact, and increase the chances of a job seeker wanting to progress further in the hiring process and accept the position, but it seems this particular hiring manager didn't get the memo.

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