Woman Rescinds Job Application For A Six-Figure Salary Position After Noticing Red Flags During The Interview Process

During the interview, she noticed that the hiring managers were being extremely rude and immediately withdrew her application.

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After applying for a position that she was extremely excited about, a woman eventually decided to not move forward in the hiring process after realizing the company's work culture was a bit toxic.

In a TikTok video, Eve Peña, a career mentor who often gives job advice to her followers on the video-sharing platform, had previously announced that she had found an "amazing job" and was looking forward to possibly being hired.


However, Peña quickly changed her mind after noticing how she was being spoken to during the interview process.

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Peña revoked her job application after noticing some red flags during her interview.

In Peña's video, she had stitched one of her previous videos, which was her raving about a six-salary job that she had applied to. Unfortunately, she realized that the job was actually way too good to be true.

"Remember that amazing job, I just rescinded my own candidacy," Peña said. When she applied for the job, she was told that the salary would be between $150,000 to $180,000 with five days working in their office.




However, while she was interviewing with the hiring managers, she was told that there were only two available jobs at the firm, and the job that Peña was applying and interviewing for was not for the salary she was told previously.

Instead, her salary was $110,000 to $120,000. "I'm also interviewing with three other places who are offering that," she continued, adding that the hiring managers told her she would need to dye her hair if she wanted the job.

The weird thing is, Peña's hair isn't an unnatural color such as blue, pink, or purple, but rather a brown color which seems to be her natural hair color. Peña pointed out that she would rather accept a job offer from the other places she's interviewing for, as they have less strict guidelines for their employees.


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On top of that, the person interviewing Peña was extremely rude.

"I mean like, outwardly, blatantly rude. It was probably the worst interview I've ever had," she added. "Not from my end, but because they were nasty."

Peña claimed that during the entire interview, the hiring managers weren't asking questions about her work experience, or her personality, or trying to get to know her and see if she would be a good fit for their company, instead, they wanted her to explain why she left her past jobs.

"They wanted to know why I left each role in the last three or four years because they were shorter than the rest of my career," she explained. Peña pointed out that it was because we were all in the middle of a pandemic, where people were getting laid off and struggling to find steady jobs.


"Then, they started judging me for having a business," Peña recalled. When she tried to explain that the last company she had worked for liked that she had a side business, she said the hiring managers gave her an actual "side-eye."

Peña also found it rude when the hiring managers kept muting her on the video call so they could talk to each other about her. That seemed to be the last straw, and after the interview, Peña knew she would no longer be moving forward.

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People pointed out that a job interview is both a way for the candidate and employer to get to know each other.

In the comments section, people praised Peña for no longer continuing with the hiring process for that job and explained that in an interview, it's just as important for good first impressions to be made on both sides.


"The power of learning that you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you…" one TikTok user pointed out.

Another user added, "I love when interviewers tell on themselves. It’s a sneak peek at what your work life would look like."

Other users were flabbergasted that Peña was asked to dye her hair and essentially change her entire appearance just to get hired for the position.


"People always tell me to take my nose ring out for interviews - nope. I can’t work for an organization that thinks that impacts my work," a third user shared.

A fourth user joked, "We are not dyeing our hair for a job. We will possibly wear a wig. We can throw it out when we are done."

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