Woman Explains How She Was Hired As A Pharmacist Despite Being Unqualified — ‘All You Have To Do Is Lie’

Is this strategy a stroke of genius or dumb luck?

TikTok user Cherry explains how she became a pharmacist TikTok

Many of us know the feeling of struggling to find an opening in our preferred field of work. With the high slopes of required qualifications and experience, it can feel impossible to get a foot in the door at times.

One woman, however, tells us not to fear, because there is an easy solution to our struggle: lying.

This TikTok user explains the brilliant ins and outs of how she landed herself a pharmacy job despite being unqualified for it.

“One thing about America: this truly is the country of dreams and opportunity, because all you gotta do is lie on your resume.”


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TikTok user Cherry explained how her confidence and well-placed words got her a remote job that she wasn’t qualified for.


“I said I was a pharmacist,” she revealed and explained that she spoke with the hiring manager who recruited her about her qualifications for an entire two weeks. “She didn’t ask for no paperwork, she didn’t ask for no certifications, no nothing.”

Now Cherry answers questions about prescriptions, even though the company that hired her never actually screened her background to verify her past employment.

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she admitted, but pointed out that the responsibility here is really on the company for not appropriately investigating her resume, and for not training her.

Cherry admitted that she likely wouldn’t keep the job forever, and her lack of experience will eventually cause a problem. However, for now, she has a genius routine settled: she looks for her answers online, and if she can’t find anything there, she unplugs the Internet.


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Cherry then cheerfully discussed where she wanted to take her career next, pointing out several unique options such as scuba diving, fishing, or mechanics.

“Either way, I need a job on a boat.” 

The comments are flooded with other users offering suggestions and applauding her confidence. Some suggested positions on cruise ship lines, ship drivers, and more. Cherry responded to most suggestions with confidence, citing experience from her childhood, or sheer willpower that she can do anything.

When one commenter lamented that she never finds these kinds of jobs, Cherry had a suggestion for that too, explaining her strategy of “emailing the recruiters and lying saying I got an email for an interview or a missed call.”


Her limitless kind of attitude may be unethical in the eyes of recruiters, but there is no denying that it is brilliant if it works.

Others in the comments pointed out that the responsibility really is on the company for engaging in negligent hiring, a practice that means an employer put the company at risk by hiring someone they shouldn't have. By not checking for a pharmaceutical license or doing any background screening, the recruiter can risk putting the liability for the employee’s actions on their own self.

Fortunately for the company, Cherry doesn’t have any interest in causing any harm on purpose, she’s simply trying to get her bills paid.


She is happy to consider herself a jack of all trades and hopes someday to have a vibrant list of wild careers and lived experiences, and she is certainly on the road to achieving that.

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