Woman Overhears Her Boss Talking Badly About Her To The Entire Staff Behind Her Back, So She Quit On The Spot

If you're going to insult an employee, you should probably make sure they're not literally in the next room.

TikToker filming her boss talking about her behind her back TikTok

Conflicts and dislike between bosses and certain employees essentially come with the territory of having a job. Airing grievances about coworkers is a normal part of the workplace too, of course.

But most of us at least have the wherewithal to make sure the person we're talking about is out of earshot. One woman on TikTok was not so lucky.

A restaurant worker filmed her unprofessional boss 's--t-talking' her behind her back.

It seems pretty clear that restaurant worker and TikToker @samantharaegarc's boss is not particularly fond of her, given the lengthy rant she went on about Samantha's job performance and personality. Unfortunately for her, Samantha was only feet away in the next room, phone at the ready.


The TikToker caught her boss on-camera insulting and mocking her behind her back. "My boss didn't know I was right here while she was s--t-talking about me," Samantha wrote in the onscreen text.

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As Samantha smiled and grimaced sarcastically at the camera, her boss went on and on about her myriad complaints about her. The unprofessional boss complains that "every single week" there's some problem with Samantha, and then she blames her for something that sounds like it probably wasn't her fault — a kitchen issue that occurred while Samantha was working the cash register. 


That didn't stop the boss from also blaming Samantha for her getting in trouble with her own boss over one of the restaurant's recipes, however. "Now he thinks I'm ridiculous," she rants. "It's like really?"

But what actually was ridiculous was the incident that sparked the boss's rant — Samantha putting a customer's food in a plastic to-go container instead of an aluminum one. 

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The boss then insulted the employee and compared her to a three-year-old.

As Samantha carried on silently working like nothing was going on, the boss continued her rant. In a line that will sound familiar to anyone who's ever had a boss with a martyr complex, the boss snapped, "I'm tired of babying people."


Anyone who's ever worked in food service has worked with one of these bosses, the sort of person who acts as if running a restaurant — or putting food in the wrong to-go container, in this case — is on the same level of urgency as saving the world from an impending asteroid strike or something.

In any case, the boss's bit about "babying people" was almost too much for Samantha. She flipped the bird at the camera and presented an alternate source of her boss's woes. "You're just a f--king bad manager," she sniped.

After complaining that managing Samantha is like managing a three-year-old, the unprofessional boss added an even more dramatic spin to her complaint. "We're over here doing a disservice to her next job."

The boss needn't have worried about that, however. In her caption, Samantha announced that when she was done filming the incident, she "quit my job of four years today," adding that she'd had all she can take of "these disrespectful, hasn't-had-manager-training-in-50-years managers." 


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Having an unprofessional boss is one of the most common reasons people leave their jobs. 

Many of Samantha's TikTok commenters referenced the old working-world maxim — "People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses," and the data says that's a well-known saying for a reason. A study by professional training and development platform Udemy found that roughly half of the respondents said they had quit a job because of a bad boss or manager, and nearly two-thirds reported thinking their boss lacked adequate managerial training.

And a decades-long study by polling firm Gallup which included interviews with 25 million employees reached a similar conclusion. As Gallup CEO Jim Clifton put it, "The single biggest decision you make in your job — bigger than all the rest — is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits — nothing."


People on TikTok certainly agreed when it came to Samantha's manager. "During the interview they probably like 'we’re like a family here,'" one user quipped, along with several eye-roll emojis. "Managers who go back and forth with their employees gossiping, shouldn't be managers!" one person commented. Hopefully, Samantha's next boss has a bit more tact.

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