Women React To A Wife 'Warning' Them To 'Stay Out' Of Her Husband's Messages

She may have also posted him to find out who was dating her husband.

Woman warning women to stay away from her husband TikTok

Back in the day, if someone wanted to cheat on their spouse, they had to go out, find a willing participant and do a ton of ducking and dodging to keep the affair under wraps. But the internet and social media make it possible to woo other people with little effort.

So, with that in mind, one woman saw fit to issue a public warning to other women who may want to approach her man.

In a TikTok video, she warned other women to get out of her husband's inbox.

In the video that has been stitched and shared repeatedly, an unknown woman who has seemingly deleted her account since, said, “Hey ladies. Take this as a warning. Stay out of my husband’s inbox.”


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TikTok was inevitably curious about what her irresistible husband looked like and videos reacting to the woman's warning did not hesitate to answer that question.


One video shows the apparently ‘in high demand’ husband grinning from ear to ear while posing with his wife in front of a door. Then there was a zoomed-in shot of her husband in all his irresistible glory that prompted a TikTok user to share her silent, wide-eyed reaction to the woman protecting her man from the thirsty women of social media.

The comments on the video were downright hilarious with a woman named Meredith saying, “You don’t have to worry about me, you do not have to worry about [me.]”

That was just the start of the comedy that ensued. Another woman commented, “Cue the tumbleweed ‘cause that inbox is drier than the desert” while another referenced the man’s dental situation by saying, “NO PROBLEM! And that’s the Tooth!”

There were several comments alluding to the possibility that the wife had experienced infidelity by her husband. Some claimed she had previously posted him on a forum called ‘Are we dating the same guy?” and others were clamoring for more context.


Another TikTok user was in a state of confusion as to whether or not women were really lining up in the man’s inbox for his attention. She responded to the video by saying, “Okay… but who’s been in his inbox?”

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If we read between the lines, it would appear that this wife has some reason to distrust her husband. Maybe he’s been interacting with other women in an ‘un-husbandly’ way, and she wants to stop it, but warning people who have no commitment to you instead of taking the issue up with the husband in question may not be the best approach.


Marriage Coach, Carol Erb, Ph.D., says that after an affair some things that can be done to manage social media are surrendering it all together, installing some filtering and monitoring software or devices, and making sure the cheating spouse is not deleting his or her browsing history.

The best way to deal with an affair that has compromised the relationship is for two willing parties to seek counseling and understand the underlying reasons so they can be resolved.

Relationships are about trust, consideration, and respect. The only people that can make sure those things stay intact are those who are committed to it. No one wants to spend their time or energy playing ‘guard my man’ and they shouldn’t have to.


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