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Woman Feels 'Scammed' Because Her Husband Of 7 Years Puts On 60 Pounds & She's 'Embarrassed' Of Him

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Weight is a super sensitive topic, for good reason. When it comes to body image we know that things like fat shaming are a no-no.

This unspoken rule is usually enforced on men who happen to make negative comments about a woman’s physique or eating habits.

But one woman took to the subreddit, r/Marriage, to voice her concerns about the weight her husband of seven years has gained recently.

For context, she started by telling readers, “When I first met him one of the reasons I fell in love with him [was] because he acted like he was into healthy eating and fitness (like me).”

Since then, the Redditor’s husband has gone from 170 pounds to 230. She claims that the majority of the weight has piled on over the last few years.

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Due to his weight gain, she’s embarrassed to be seen with him in public.

The woman and her husband recently went to a waterpark and, according to her, she was embarrassed when he stood near her.

The woeful wife is keenly aware that she might receive backlash for her words. She said, “I feel like people are going to judge me for having this opinion but everyone has preferences right?"

"He says he likes thinner women with long hair. Always mentions he wouldn’t [want] me to cut my hair short."

This isn’t the first time she has voiced her concerns.

This is not the first time that the subject of her husband's weight has come up between the couple.

Two years ago, the poster noticed he had started to pile on the pounds and suggested they go back to “mindful eating.”

He agreed that it was a good idea but failed to change his habits, allegedly preferring to “play his phone and binge eat potato chips.”

Her concerns don’t stop at his appearance. The Redditor also claims that he has developed high blood pressure and loud snoring as a result of his unhealthy habits.

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Her husband refuses to take his health seriously.

Hours before she posted to Reddit, her morning was full of frustration. She asked her hubby if he was going to work out, and he told her that he was not.

“I thought you were into fitness?” she shot back, unamused by his dismissal of the subject.

He jokingly responded, “I am into fitting this cheeseburger into my mouth.”

Now the wife is convinced that he doesn’t care and will never get control of his diet and weight. She shares that the man’s grandfather is severely overweight and relegated to sitting in a chair all day.

She has observed her husband’s grandmother waiting on his grandfather hand and foot, including bringing him food and does not want a similar situation for herself.

Now she has turned to the Marriage forum to see if anyone else has successfully overcome this issue.

The woman is worried because they have children together but still wonders why some people pretend to be something they aren’t in relationships.

The first commenter pointed out, “When men complain that women gain weight on this sub they get (rightfully) blasted.”

“When women complain about the same thing, they get support and told the man needs to fix something.”

They suggested that she dig deeper to find the reason for her husband’s weight gain offering that he might be stressed.

Overall, she was voted an a—hole by most, who believed she had gotten into a marriage for superficial reasons and not for better or worse.

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