Rich Housewife Explains The 'Worst Things About Being With A Millionaire'

More money, more problems.

Linda Andrade TikTok

Even millionaires have problems! Though, it seems like theirs are a bit different from everyone else’s. They have issues that many people would give anything to have. So, complaining about problems that only concern the rich lends itself to scrutiny, for a good reason, considering that many people struggle to feed themselves daily.

One content creator and millionaire's wife, Linda Andrade, caught some heat on TikTok when she opened up about some of the more challenging parts of her life. Linda is the wife of Ricky Andrade and a successful business owner in her own right. The self-described "Dubai housewife" is an entrepreneur and owner of a med-spa. However, her notoriety is increasing on TikTok, where she shares insights into the lives of the filthy rich.


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She was criticized for explaining the ‘worst things about being with a millionaire.’

In a recent post, she shared a list of things that make her expensive lifestyle just so difficult! The first is that she’s “scared of getting robbed.” 

Photo: TikTok


Her worry may be misguided as she's actually less likely to be robbed than the less affluent members of society. A 2016 study from the London School of Economics shows that the higher a person has income, the lower the chance they have of being a robbery victim.

Her next problem is a bit more conceited rather than misinformed. Set against a video of her getting her hair done and shopping at Victoria’s Secret, in the text on top of the video, she wrote, “always having to look 10/10 all the time.” It must be difficult to go through rigorous beauty routines, but there are certainly more difficult problems than that!



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She also shared that instead of worrying about having too little food, she stresses how many options she has, claiming she’s “picky.” In addition to that, “food is always a show,” meaning that it’s always served elaborately. She had a clip of a fake bomb “exploding” at her restaurant table by splitting in half and steam coming out with cocktails inside.

On top of having to bear having an endless amount of expensive food, it seems that her life of luxury is also one of restlessness. She said that she’s “tired” because the couple are “always traveling.” The final three problems all concern her husband. 

“Women want my man,” she wrote in a text on top of the video. Besides keeping him loyal, she also took issue with him buying her too many things.

Photo: TikTok


Though, as she showed off her extravagant shoe collection, it definitely set the tone that the video may be comedic in nature. Especially since the last “issue” is that her husband “never lets [her] drive,” meaning that she’s driven around everywhere she goes. But that might not be a good thing!

Some pointed out that her husband seems to control her life.

“Definitely sounds exhausting and a bit controlling,” one person wrote. “I have my own identity, and I drive everything we got we worked together. Maybe...[being] married to a Canadian who doesn’t control me makes [my life] different,” another added.

Many people criticized her for complaining altogether. “Such a hard life,” one person sarcastically commented. “The worst thing for me is [that] I can’t pay my bills, and you[’re] worried that…you[’re] always tired traveling,” another added.


Though, Linda’s video does prove a point that data support. A 2022 study from the NIH showed that “any relationship that does exist” between higher income and happiness suggests that the richer you are, the less happy you are. So, even though she’s not warranted in her complaining compared to billions of other people who have it far worse, the study shows why she may feel compelled to find a lifestyle as comfortable as hers not entirely satisfying.

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