Woman Dumps Her Husband's Ashes In The Ocean Despite Him Asking To Be Buried — 'Bye, I Won't Miss You & Now I Can Live'

He wanted her to prove her love by kissing his drool after he woke up.

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Six out of ten married people are unhappy in their relationship and four out of ten have considered jumping ship. Despite that, over half of those dissatisfied spouses say they will still stay with their partner forever. One woman took ‘til death do us part’ very seriously and stayed with dying husband, even though she couldn’t stand him.

The woman took to the subreddit, r/RegularRevenge to share the petty vengeance she took on the man who, according to her, had made her life a living hell for years.


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In the post titled, 'I dumped my husband’s ashes to the sea when he wanted to be buried,' a wife has no regrets about defying her husband's wishes.

She started by saying that although the man had verbalized his wishes to her, he failed to put it in writing or consult an attorney, so she had no legal obligation to do what he asked.

Sadly, her husband died of cancer in early 2022, and asked that he be buried “in a quiet place.” You might expect a widowed wife to be distraught over the loss of her mate, but instead, according to her, “His death was a relief to me.”


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She alleged that throughout the marriage, her self-esteem had been “crushed” because he was so judgmental and would punish her with the silent treatment, something usually attributed to narcissism. She also claimed he would throw her out of the car on the highway after an argument and ask her to prove her love by kissing him after he woke up from a nap and still had drool on his mouth.


Though she doesn’t go into detail about her motivation for staying, she does say she wanted to leave but had some concerns about exiting the relationship.

After he died, she poured his ashes into the ocean, something she knew he would not have approved of. She ended her story with a message to the deceased man that read, “Bye. I won’t miss you, and now I can live.”

All of the readers voted her actions ‘petty’ but were on her side. They understood why she would do something that might be considered cruel after stomaching the situation for so long. One person even shared their father’s response when he proceeded to bury his mom and was asked “Didn’t [she] want to be cremated?”. He said, “I guess she shouldn’t have died first.”

The thing about death is that it doesn’t change who you were as a person. Anyone who had a negative experience in life will not magically see you as an angel because you have passed. You should live life and treat people in the way you want to be remembered.


But there are three sides to every story… His side, her side, and the truth. It’s likely that if the husband were here to share his take, it would differ from that of his wife. In life, what goes around comes around, so although the woman was able to exact her revenge, she should be concerned that someone else might decide she doesn’t deserve to have her final wishes honored when it’s her time to go.

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