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A Woman Showed Up To The Home Of A Guy Who Catfished Her & 40 Other Women But Now She's Getting Called A 'Stalker'

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Heather Silvis on TikTok

The world of online dating can be a rollercoaster, full of unexpected twists and turns. One woman found out just how treacherous modern dating can be after a post she made about a date who catfished her went viral.

Heather Silvis posted a PSA for other women in Southern California, warning them not to date a man named Jordan if they matched with him on dating apps. 

“He lies to women, love bombs, then ghosts you once he sleeps with you,” Silvis explained. “He thought he was playing me… but he’s the one who got played. Enjoy being famous, Jordan!”

But she didn't stop there. She decided to track down the alleged catfish but her actions have been somewhat divisive.

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Silvis was called a stalker for going to the address the man provided before ghosting her.



She explained, “He knew I had his address. After he ghosted me, I showed up at said address, to ask for an apology. I rang the doorbell one time, and then I left, and I haven’t done anything else to him. Now, he has been calling me nonstop, so, who’s the stalker now?”



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One woman, Lizzy Weisman, made a response post to Silvis’s TikTok, explaining, “I’m ‘lucky’ number 31 who reached out to share he messed with me too. We dated [for] a short 2 weeks and he pulled the same BS when he snuck out of my house while I was in the bathroom and never returned. Karma is a B if you are… facts!”



Silvis posted a duet video showcasing yet another woman Jordan lied to. Dani explained she was his “Saturday, around 6 [or] 7 pm special, to maybe 11 pm, and then Monday, hiking, afternoon special.” 

Dani delineated the lies Jordan told her, stating, “This man literally sat there with me at sushi, looked me in my eyes, and told me that he had a daughter who died from leukemia when she was 3 years old, two years before that. She would have been the same age as my son now, and her name was Scarlet. He also had a brother that died. And he sat there looking in my eyes telling me that’s why he hasn’t dated in two years. This was his first date that he’s been on, and he’s like, so excited about it.”

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Dani finished her story by saying, “That man knows what he’s doing.” Silvis gave her full version of her experience with Jordan, who she called “The Bumble Bandit.” 

Silvis stated that 40 other women came to her with similar stories about getting ghosted by the same man.

She explained that they went out on a date, “we linked up, we had some fun together, and we did a lot of grown-up things. And then afterward, he walked out and never came back. He ghosted me and then he blocked my phone number.”



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Silvis said she made the viral video about Jordan without expecting what came next— “over the course of the next six days, I received messages from dozens of women, over 40 women, telling me that they had experienced either something very similar or something even worse with this guy.”

“What makes this guy so terrible is that he lies to women and tells them he has a baby that passed away or his brother passed away to get women to feel sorry for him and then it sort of excuses his weird, sketchy behavior cause he says, ‘Oh, he’s grieving,’ or ‘Oh, he’s having a panic attack.’ And then he love bombs you and gaslights you and makes you feel like you’re so, so incredibly special so that he can, you know do things with you, and eventually, you know, leaves.”

“Now, sometimes, the women have been with him for a short period of time,” Silvis explained. “But there are some women who have been with this man for three or four months and have developed relationships and feelings, and he does the same thing to them.”

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Silvis noted in her caption that his behavior was “emotional molestation and narcissistic abuse and are manipulative tactics used by narcissists.”  

She went on to say that Jordan “has been calling me, making threats, and threatening to get my TikTok removed, threatening to go to my job, to get me fired, threatening to use his familial relationships to get an unauthorized restraining order against me because he has family in the LAPD.”

“And his mother has been threatening me also, and sending me hostile text messages, telling me how horrible and old and terrible I am as a human being,” Silvis said. “Well, now I know why they were so pressed, and why they were so angry, and why they were making threats. Because last night, I found out, he has a live-in girlfriend that’s been living with him for two years.”

“Her best friends called me last night, and got a bunch of information from me, and then they went over to her apartment that she shares with this guy, to confront her. And when they got there, she said she already knew what was going on, because he had confessed everything.”

Silvis continued, saying, “The sad part is, she might stay, because she’s young and she doesn’t know any better, so as a community we need to let her know that she deserves better. And we are here to help you if you need help, because we, collectively, stand with women.”

Silvis explained in the comment section what her reasoning was for continuously posting about this particular man. She stated, “Fear keeps us all quiet. I’m not afraid of him. What’s he going to say? It’s all true and I have receipts. I’m allowed to tell the truth.”

Silvis’s story shows the kind of accountability that can occur when women come together as a network and highlights just how powerful our voices can be.

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