Husband Refuses To Pick Up His Wife After His Sister Made Her Uncomfortable By Inviting His Ex To A Baby Shower — He Doesn't Understand Why She's Upset

Her husband and his family made their priorities very clear, and she wasn't included in them.

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Riley Madison, a Georgia-based photographer, explained her experience being married to someone who disregarded her needs, even when she asked for support.

She told the story about a time when she was uncomfortable at a family event, and how the fallout from that experience led to her eventually leaving her husband.

Madison stated that her husband dated someone for four to five years, who was “really close to the family.” The past girlfriend was so close to her husband's family that “they still post pictures of her on her birthday on Facebook and say Happy Birthday,” which Madison notes they never did for her on her birthday.


Madison attended her sister-in-law’s baby shower alongside her husband’s ex-girlfriend when it became apparent that her mother-in-law favored the ex over her.

She explained that her pregnant sister-in-law was throwing herself a baby shower, and her sister-in-law was “best friends” with her ex-girlfriend, so she got invited to the shower.

Madison felt neutral about attending the baby shower, as she wasn’t particularly close with her sister-in-law. She explained that her husband had six siblings, and she wasn’t extremely close with all of them. 

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“Then I found out the ex was coming, and I was like, ‘Okay, this is about to be very uncomfortable for me.’”

Madison expressed her discomfort to her husband, saying, “I don’t want to not go and look petty.” Her husband suggested that she go to the baby shower for a short amount of time, and then offered to call and get her out of the event, and the two of them could go on a date instead.

Madison also mentions that she brought up her level of discomfort with her mother-in-law, as well, who told her “We’re not going to let it be awkward,” in an attempt to reassure her.


On the day of the baby shower, Madison said, “Everything was fine, it’s a little awkward but I’m trying to just move past it.”

But when it came time for her sister-in-law to open her presents, Madison had no place to sit. “So, I think, ‘Oh, my mother and sister-in-law are over there, I will sit by them because those are the people that I know.’”

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When she went to sit down, her mother-in-law said, ‘I’m sorry, this seat is for her,’ referring to her husband’s ex-girlfriend. 

“I didn’t have a seat, because they saved a seat for my husband’s ex-girlfriend, but not for me, so I had to stand and watch,” Madison explained. Her story got worse when she called her husband as according to their original plan.


Madison called her husband and explained the “completely ridiculous” situation, and asked for him to pick her up as they’d planned.

“He tells me, ‘Actually, we’re not going to be able to do that today, because I am on my way up to my friend’s house in the city, so I’m like an hour away.’”

Her husband told her that he had taken the only set of house keys, which kept her stuck at the baby shower she didn’t want to attend in the first place.

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When Madison brought up how hurt she felt that he went back on his word to her, her husband told her, “It’s fine. Get over it.” Many people in the comments stated that the baby shower incident seemed more like a 'husband' problem than a 'mother-in-law' problem.


Madison noted in the comments to the post that she and her husband are now divorced.

“Don’t worry, I left him,” she exclaimed.

Madison’s TikTok account is full of posts on healing after a divorce. She’s included many different stories from her experience of being married to someone she deemed a narcissist.

The Mayo Clinic defines narcissism as part of a personality disorder, in which the person diagnosed has “an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others.”


The site recognizes that narcissism is “a mental health condition in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. People with this disorder may lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others.” 

While healing from a toxic relationship takes time, Madison shows that doing so is a possibility and that her life is on an upward trajectory since her split from her husband.

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