Woman Called 'Ungrateful' For Blowing Up At Her Date For Cooking After He Promised To Take Her Out — But Some People Are Totally On Her Side

Did he break a promise, or is she just asking too much?

Woman blowing up at man for cooking dinner for a date TikTok

Honesty and keeping your word are of course important to any relationship, even just a friendship. But sometimes people's definitions of what constitutes dishonesty can be very different.

One guy found himself in this situation when he decided cooking dinner for a date would be the perfect way to woo her. Boy oh boy, was he wrong.

A woman accused her date of being dishonest because he cooked her dinner instead of taking her to a restaurant.

Most people love a man who can cook, and cooking dinner for a date is one of many people's favorite romantic gestures. Suffice it to say, this woman is not one of them. Rather than feel appreciated and romantic, she was downright angry, and it left their date pretty much ruined. 


The woman said the man was not keeping his word because he said he would take her to Capital Grille.



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The man went to the effort of cooking his date a steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli — and honestly, it doesn't really look like anything special (fruit punch in a wine glass? Come on now...). But it's the gesture that counts, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. 


The man, who filmed the video, asked viewers "What's so wrong" about cooking dinner for a date, to which the woman interjected, "Everything is wrong with this." She then complained that he had told her he'd take her to an upscale steakhouse.

"It's our second date, I expected you to take me to the Capital Grille." The man responded that he will take her there "on another date" but decided to cook instead. Wrong answer.

Picking at the food, she complained that "it looks black, brown, frosty, dusty," to which the man responded that he thinks she just wants something to complain about. "It's not that I want something to complain about, but I expect you to stick by your word," she responded. "I appreciate the effort of your cooking," she went on to say, "but I wanted to go out with you."

She then again accused him of being dishonest with her. "You had me come over here expecting we're going somewhere and we're not actually going. I don't like that."


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The argument quickly escalated and the couple ended up breaking up over the home-cooked meal.

No matter how many times they rehashed the issue, neither of them was able to come to an understanding. The man insisted he had every intention of taking the woman to Capital Grille at some point, while she insisted he'd bait-and-switched her.

She also implied that he had made her a home-cooked meal because he didn't have the money for Capital Grille. "If you don't have it, just say you don't have it," she said, which the man denied.

He then became angry. "You just over here complaining, you haven't had one bite of this food," he said. "I expected more," she replied. When he countered that she shouldn't have such high expectations for a second date, she replied that he shouldn't have lied to her. 


After she kept yelling at him, the man finally decided he'd had enough. "You are ungrateful," he said, "Give me my food back, and I will cook it for another woman who's appreciative because you know what? You ain't the woman for me." 

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Many people were shocked by the woman's ungrateful attitude and told the man to get rid of her.

"Run," one man commented, while another wrote that the man was better off having seen this side of her. "You needed to see that bro," he wrote, "she’s more concerned about going out, not learning [about] and [appreciating] a person."

On Twitter, one man joked that the woman in the video was like, "if ungrateful was a person."


Several women agreed too. One woman on TikTok wrote that cooking dinner for a date would have had her wrapped around his finger. "I would've had him in the room after. A man who cooks is such a turn-on. He's also so thoughtful." She added that he had "def dodged a bullet lol."

A woman on Twitter felt similarly. "I’m sure this gentleman can take any girl out on a date to some fancy restaurant, but to have the skills to prep, cook & clean," she wrote, "lady. You. Lost. Out. lol"


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But others agreed with the woman that the man had been dishonest with her, especially since it was only the second date.

One woman on Twitter couldn't believe people were saying the woman was "ungrateful."

She also theorized that the real reason behind him making a home-cooked meal on a date was so that they could sleep together afterward.

Many other women felt similarly. One woman on Twitter wrote that while "her delivery wasn't great," she fully sided with the man's date because "it’s messed up to trick someone into coming over with the intention that you’re going out. You feel played & manipulated."


Even some men agreed, with one writing that the man's video "encapsulates how most men don't understand women." For others, though, the real problem was the food itself.

"I know Applebee's when I see it," one Twitter user cracked, while another wrote, "Is that Kool-Aid in a wine glass served with a well-done steak? I don’t blame her." Guess "the way to the heart is through the stomach" isn't just for men after all.

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