Woman Says She Makes Men Write & Submit A 500-Word Essay To Date Her — 'Don't Waste My Time'

She says it helps weed out the people who would've ended up wasting her time in the end.

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In the age of modern dating, many people have started fine-tuning their requirements for a partner in order to avoid going out with potential matches that may not be so compatible.

Such was the case for one woman, Lauren Kempton, whose online dating profile has one specific requirement that any man who wants to take her on a date must adhere to. While many people may find it unconventional, it seems to have worked for her.


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Kempton asks men to write and submit a 500-word essay on how they won't waste her time.

According to Daily Mail, Kempton, 36, from Portsmouth, UK. isn't playing around with the men on dating apps, or at least more specifically, Hinge. Revealing that she is done with going out with men, only for it to lead nowhere, she has devised a plan to prevent it from happening.


"Asking for an essay is definitely a good way of weeding out what you don't want," Kempton explained. On her Hinge account, for one of her prompts, she shared that if any man wants a chance at a date with her, they must submit an application detailing "how you will not waste my time."

"It shows you who they are and that they have read your profile and understand your humor," she added. At first, the requirement had only been a joke, and Kempton herself didn't think anyone would take it seriously, or even submit an essay.

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However, one man decided to rise to the occasion, and, in an effort to score a date with Kempton, not only wrote a detailed 500-word essay as she'd asked but also created an entire PowerPoint presentation on how he would be the perfect gentleman to Kempton.


He not only promised to "reply swiftly" to her messages, but if there were "no spark" he would simply tell her instead of wasting her time. He also pointed out that he would always plan thoughtful dates so Kempton would never have to lift a finger.

"I would start by ensuring that any plans we made were kept to. This would include indoor and outdoor date plans depending on the weather, time, cost, etc," Kempton shared his submission. It seemed the two were a match made in heaven, as he too, would prefer someone who didn't waste his time.

"I am a big fan of knowing where I stand with people; if you like me, let me know; if you don't, let me know," he concluded.

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Kempton revealed that she ended up going on a date with him.

The mother-of-one ended up going out with the winning match, but unfortunately, she explained that there just wasn't anything there and nothing took off. "People might think asking for an essay was full on of me but it was really a bit of fun."

"At the time, it restored my faith in men — but I'm not really using [dating] apps anymore these days," she said after her date with her Hinge match. "I'm putting my energy into other things and thinking if it will happen, it will happen."

Kempton, who's been single for three years, encourages others to try something like this on their own dating profiles. "It's a good way of getting people to show their humorous side, and spend a bit of time making an effort."

In a time of online dating, it can be hard to make sure your profile stands out from everyone else's, but it seems Kempton has found a foolproof way to make sure that not only is she making an impression, but that she isn't settling for less when it comes to men on dating apps.


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