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A Woman Is Arguing With Her Friends Who Expected To Spend 4 Weeks In Her Second Home For Free

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When a woman told her friends that she would be renting out her cottage, they assumed that they would be using it for free. However, when she informed them that they would have to pay for their stay, they branded her as “unreasonable.” 

Now, the woman is asking others if she is in the wrong and if she should allow them to stay in her cottage for free. 

Sharing her story to the U.K.-based parenting forum, Mumsnet, the woman explained that she and her husband are planning to move to a different part of the country. “We found and bought the perfect cottage, quiet location but close to lots of amenities in the next town,” she wrote. “It's by the coast with a sea view.” 

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The woman’s friends expected to stay in her second home for a four-week holiday for free. 

Although the woman and her husband sold the home they were currently living in to another couple, they backed out over what the woman refers to as “genuine reasons.” However, they now own two homes after buying the cottage. 

This has put an added financial strain on the woman and her husband. So, they came up with a practical solution. “We've been talking today about renting the cottage out for the next few months to help us,” she wrote. 

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When the woman mentioned her plan to rent out their cottage to her two friends over lunch, they were ecstatic and asked if they could use it over a four-week holiday. However, they assumed that they would be using the cottage free of charge.  “They did a kind of 'yay free holidays' high five which totally shocked me,” the woman wrote. 

When she explained to her friends that they would not be renting out their cottage for free so they could earn back the much-needed money, her friends believed that she was being unreasonable. “But I think it's really rude [of them] to assume,” the woman argued. She asked others if she was being a “tight a–.” 

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Other forum users agreed with the woman and slammed her friends as selfish. 

“The only reason you’re renting it out is to lessen the financial impact?? Your friends are a bit dim-witted and selfish - it’s not free you would be essentially paying for them to stay,” one user pointed out. “Your so-called friends are being very presumptuous,

If they want to go on holiday to your cottage they could at least contribute to the energy/cleaning/etc. costs of their stay,” another user commented. 

Other users suggested that the woman not give her friends the cottage for free, but offer them a reduced rate so that they would still be paying. 

Regardless of your friendship status with a homeowner, if you are staying in their home, you should be willing to contribute to them in any way you can, even if it means paying in cash for all the utilities. 

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