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Family Of Missing Man Daniel Robinson Hope Gabby Petito’s Case Will Bring Attention To Their Son

Photo:  gabspetito / Instagram & GoFundMe
Gabby Petito, Daniel Robinson

With the social media frenzy that has transpired regarding the Gabby Petito case — people are being reminded of the other missing persons cases.

Especially 24-year-old Daniel Robinson, a geologist who went missing in the desert close to Buckeye, Arizona. 

What happened to Daniel Robinson? 

Robinson was last seen leaving a job site in the area of Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road around 9:15 a.m. on June 23. His family reported him missing on the same day, launching a search by authorities.

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Local police in Arizona along with outside agencies started a search that covered more than 70 miles. “UTVs, cadaver dogs and air support including a drone and a helicopter," officers said in a press release.

Daniel Robinson's car crashed, but he was not found inside.  

It was on July 19 when a rancher found Daniel’s vehicle on his property, which was four miles southwest from the job site where Daniel was last seen.

Investigators say the Jeep seemed to have rolled over and landed on its side.

The airbags were deployed and "initial evidence indicates Daniel was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident," police said in a press release at the time. Robinson's cell phone, wallet and keys were all found in the Jeep.

A human skull was located in the area but was later confirmed to not be Daniel. 

But Daniel's family believe the crash was staged.

“The damage on the Jeep was not consistent with where the vehicle was found, nor did it match the terrain of the desert where it was found,” says Daniel's father, David Robinson.

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“The evidence is clear that this should be changed to a criminal investigation because my private investigator found that my son's vehicle was staged and that a possible crime had occurred.” 

Police have denied these claims, saying that the state of Robinson’s vehicle does not confirm foul play.

Daniel Robinson's family believe the police could be doing more.

The Robinson family recently created an online petition, hoping to hold the Buckeye Police Department accountable for the lack of investigation regarding the case. The petition currently has over 17,000 signatures and is gaining more every second.

“The Buckeye PD investigation has not gathered any evidence of their own. They are unwilling to move beyond their theory which leads to non-action on their part,” David Robinson wrote in the petition.

“My family has a high interest in the outcome of the investigation, seeing that everything that needs to be done is done to bring my son, her son, their brother, their nephew, their grandchild, and their cousin home. Since most of my family cannot be here to talk directly to the Buckeye Police Department, this petition gives them the ability to have their voices heard.”

According to David Robinson, there have been a total of seven searches done that have recovered the remains of six different people in areas that the Buckeye Police Department claimed was thoroughly searched.

Daniel Robinson's family also have a GoFundMe.

The Robinson family has also set up a GoFundMe account for Daniel. “Daniel has an innate passion for adventure and is known to travel inopportune moments. However, he always communicates with friends and family about his travel plans,” the family said. 

It’s been three months since Daniel Robinson has disappeared, and his family only wants justice.

In the same manner that Gabby Petito’s case was treated by police as well as the media, David Robinson wants the same to be done for his son. 

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