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Alec Baldwin Shouldn't Be The Main Character In This Tragedy – Halyna Hutchins Was The Victim

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Halyna Hutchins, Alec Baldwin

On the set of the movie “Rust,” actor and producer Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that killed the film’s director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, as well as injuring the director, Joel Souza.

The two were shot just before 2 p.m. in Santa Fe on Thursday while filming a scene at the Bonanza Creek Ranch.

The investigation is still underway as it is still unclear how the firearm was discharged, or what type of projectile was released from the prop gun.

Souza was taken to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center to be treated for his injuries, though he still remains in the hospital as his condition is unknown.

Hutchins was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital via helicopter where she was pronounced dead.

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With the extensive coverage surrounding Alec Baldwin, it’s also important to remember Halyna Hutchins as well, who is the real victim in the tragic incident.

Who was Halyna Hutchins?

Hutchins was originally from Ukraine, and grew up on a Soviet Union base in the Arctic Circle surrounded by reindeer and nuclear submarines.

She graduated from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, and also studied journalism in Ukraine and worked as an investigative journalist with British documentary productions in Europe.

She’s been credited with involvement in the production of 49 film, TV, and video titles throughout her career.

Hutchins was also a cinematographer on the 2020 action film “Archenemy,” starring Joe Manganiello, and was also named a rising star by the American Cinematographer magazine in 2019.

Many are grieving Hutchins online.

“I’m so sad about losing Halyna. And so infuriated that this could happen on a set,” said “Archenemy” director Adam Egypt Mortimer on Twitter. “She was a brilliant talent who was absolutely committed to art and to film.”

Manganiello also posted to his social media account to wish his condolences to Hutchins' family, "and especially to her son."

"She was a great collaborator and an ally to anyone in front of her camera. Everyone who knew her was rooting for her," Manganiello posted on Instagram. "I can’t believe that this could happen in this day and age… gunfire from a prop gun could kill a crew member? This is a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to her family and especially to her son.”

Hutchins was a rising cinematographer.

Hutchins described herself as a “restless dreamer,” and an “adrenaline junkie,” on her Instagram account.

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Many of her recent posts included photos from the set of “Rust,” with her last post before she passed being a video of her riding a horse with the caption: “One of the perks of shooting a western is you get to ride horses on your day off:)”

Hutchins is also being remembered for her achievements as a female cinematographer in a male-donimated industry.

Producer, writer, and casting director Sidra Smith posted a tribute to Hutchins on Instagram for all of her accomplishments amid the devastating news.

"It's hard out here for women cinematographers and this was a HUGE opportunity for her. She was so young and so talented. Halyna and I spent so much time together. She was so beautifully gracious and words cannot express how supportive she was to me," Smith wrote. "God bless her beautiful heart and soul."

It’s an absolute tragedy for what happened to Halyna Hutchins, and in times like these it’s important to remember Hutchins for all of her accomplishments, dedication, and hard work.

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