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How Many Children Do Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Have? Details On Their Surprising New Arrival

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Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have welcomed a new addition to their family just a few months after their son Eduardo was born.

Hilaria Baldwin revealed the surprising news via Instagram, posting a photo of herself cuddling up with her children, with a simple caption: "7" followed by a heart emoji (and a camera emoji crediting Alec for his photography).

She also jokingly shared the photo in her Instagram stories, telling followers to count how many babies they see.

How many children do Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have?

In addition to Alec’s oldest daughter Ireland, the September 2020 birth of baby Eduardo brought the number of children Hilaria and Alec share to six.

Now that there's a new little one on the scene, the total number of Baldwin children equals the number in Hilaria's caption — seven.

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Fans were shocked to see another little one in Hilaria’s snap. Her recent posts show no sign of pregnancy, and she gave birth to baby Eduardo just under six months ago.

No name has been revealed for the newborn just yet and Hilaria disabled comments on her post, possibly to reduce speculation.

Since the baby is seen sporting a pink outfit, we’re betting the couple has welcomed a little girl!

Prior to becoming pregnant with Eduardo, Hilaria suffered two miscarriages in 2019.

She opened up about the pain this caused her in an Instagram caption she posted along with a video of herself with her daughter Carmen, saying, “We will try very hard to give her a little sister another time.”

It's unknown at this time if the couple decided to try for a baby girl via surrogacy or adoption, and honestly, it's really no one's business unless the Baldwins decide they want it to be.

In the meantime, keep reading for more on each of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin’s children.

Child #1: Ireland Baldwin

Date of birth: October 23, 1995

Alec Baldwin shares daughter Ireland with his first wife, Kim Basinger. The two separated in 2000.

Ireland is a model, actress, and DJ, and despite the age difference has a close relationship with her half-siblings and stepmom. She came to Hilaria’s defense during the controversy over her step-mother’s Spanish accent.

Hilaria even dotingly included her in the announcement of her newest arrival by captioning a photo of her kids “7” in reference to the couple’s seven children.

Child #2: Carmen Baldwin

Date of birth: August 23, 2013

Hilaria and Alec’s first child together was born just one year after the couple wed in a New York City ceremony.

Child #3: Rafael Thomas Baldwin

Date of birth: June 17, 2015

The couple’s son was born shortly before Carmen’s 2nd birthday.

Hilaria welcomed the new arrival with a photo on Instagram of her holding hands with the baby who has her maiden name and his middle.

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Child #4: Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin

Date of birth: Sept. 12, 2016

Leonardo Baldwin joined Alec and Hilaria’s growing clan one year later.

Hilaria, who works as a yoga instructor, was particularly vocal online during this pregnancy, sharing daily bump updates and adorable family snaps.

Child #5: Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin

Date of birth: May 17, 2018

Initially, Hilaria shared that the couple were struggling to decide a name for their 5th child when he was born. Eventually, they settled on Romeo after spending a couple of days testing out options.

Hilaria also revealed during her pregnancy that Romeo was the first child the couple had actually planned. Their previous children were very welcome surprises!

Child #6: Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin

Date of birth: Sept. 8, 2020

Baby number 6 was joined the Baldwin family in the fall of last year. Hilaria revealed his name in an adorable Instagram stating the name means, “Wealthy guardian of peace and light.”

She also shared that the family had nicknamed the new arrival Edu.

Child #7: Name still unknown

Date of birth: Currently unknown

Hilaria Baldwin shared an image taken by Alec of her and their children cozied up together on March 1, but it is not yet clear when they welcomed their new addition.

It is also not known if the couple adopted or used a surrogate.

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