Inside The Theory That Princess Diana & Prince Charles Had A Secret Daughter That Even They Didn't Know About

She was told that she was a "dead ringer" for Diana.

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The Royal Family has been the subject of many wild conspiracy theories over the years.

Even the members who have been long gone, including the late Princess Diana of Wales, are not safe from such speculations. 

One of the most far-fetched theories centered around the Princess is the rumor of her alleged secret daughter with Prince Charles. The alleged secret princess was reportedly conceived via IVF and brought into the world by a surrogate mother.


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Who is Sarah Spencer, Princess Diana and Prince Charles's alleged secret daughter? 

The American gossip magazine “Globe” first reported the conspiracy in 2015. The magazine alleged that Princess Kate Middleton of Wales was traveling to the United States to meet with the woman whose name was said to be “Sarah Spencer.” 

Spencer had reportedly been living incognito in New England since Princess Diana’s deadly 1997 car crash, fearing for her safety. 

The Globe claimed Sarah Spencer is the biological daughter of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, born after a doctor reportedly stole her eggs and his sperm.

The alleged secret princess had been conceived in 1981, shortly before Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding.


The Royal Family was apparently curious about the Princess’s fertility, hoping that she could bear children to carry on the legacy, according to the unfounded report.

The Globe claims that the Royals sent the then 19-year-old to a gynecologist, where she underwent a medical procedure to harvest some of her eggs to be fertilized with a sample of her future husband’s sperm.

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The theory proposes that, instead of destroying the eggs, one of the doctors involved in the procedure stole one of the fertilized eggs and implanted it into a surrogate mother, who would carry and give birth to Spencer later that year in October 1981. 


Shortly after her birth alleged, Princess Diana and Prince Charles made the announcement that they were expecting their first child, Prince Willaim who would be next in line to take the throne, essentially erasing her title completely.

Prince William was born 11 months after his parent's marriage. 

The Globe reported that Spencer was unaware of her Royal origins until Diana’s death, but that she was always told that she was a “dead ringer” for Diana.

The outlet also claimed that her younger brother, Prince William, learned about Spencer’s existence a few years later and arranged to travel to the States and meet her.

They add that he was advised not to do so by the Royal Family, so his wife, Kate Middleton, went instead.


The Globe mentions that the Princess of Wales was “impressed by the alikeness of Sarah Spencer to Lady Di.” 

However, many people questioned how much truth really exists in this entire story. 

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Is Sarah Spencer really the daughter of Princess Diana and Prince Charles? 

According to the Daily Mail, a friend of Princess Diana's claimed she did undergo a gynecological exam before marrying Prince Charles. However, even if this claim is true, there is no concrete evidence that her eggs were harvested and stolen. 


Diana allegedly disclosed the news of her exam with a close friend, explaining that the Royal Family wanted her to be “checked out” to confirm that she was able to conceive and bear children with Prince Charles. 

Such exams would not require eggs to be harvested and fertilized. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Sarah Spencer exists.

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