Gabby Petito And Brian Laundrie Lived In A Condo Before Road Trip — Not With His Parents — Claims Friend

Where is the secret second home?

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It’s widely known that Gabby Petito moved in with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie after years of being together, but it was reported that she lived in the Laundrie family home in North Port, Florida.

According to a live video on TikTok from Rose Davis, Petito’s best friend, she actually lived inside of a condo owned by the Laundrie family with Brian.

Where did Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie live?

According to details shared by Davis, Petito and Laundrie lived near the Laundrie's North Port home but not in the same house as his parents. 


Davis went live on TikTok to answer questions on October 16th, where she was asked about Petito and Laundrie’s living situation.

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"She did not live with the Laundrie parents," she said in the video. "They had a condo that the parents paid for."


The Laundrie’s reportedly owned a two-bedroom condo that was only 18 miles away from their home in North Port, sitting in Venice, Florida — which also happens to be close to the Carlton Reserve where Laundrie was believed to be.

Records revealed that they purchased the condo 6 years ago in 2015 for $99,500.

Once Petito and Laundrie went on their road trip across the country, Christopher and Roberta put the house back on the market — selling it only 2 weeks later on July 30th for $144,000.

While she can’t reveal much about the ongoing investigation being done by the FBI, she did comment on how she had visited them and hung out with them in a condo that they lived in together.


She did not clarify whether or not the Venice condo was the one she was referring to, which led internet sleuths to do some digging in order to try and confirm the information given to them by Davis.

Internet sleuths have been trying to track down Gabby and Brian's condo. 

The Sun reported that the condo found on from Venice, Florida, was the condo Davis was talking about — however, this was met with skepticism from online detectives.

Twitter user and investigative journalist, Jonathan Lee Riches, revealed they he believes the Laundries have sold 3 different properties in the last 3 years — including the two-bedroom condo in Venice.

In a video he posted to Twitter, the current tenant reveals Brian and Petito never lived there because she has lived there for 6 years.


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Upon further digging from Riches, there was another condo in North Port, Florida, that the Laundrie family sold “earlier this year,” which matched descriptions given by Davis and was seen in multiple Instagram posts from Brian and Petito.

The home on 5100 Linksman had a note from the current owner that said “I am the new owner. I have never met the Laundries. They were not at the closing,” and asked that people show them privacy — not wanting to be involved in the chaotic case.


Understandably so, because it would appear that The Sun was confused about the reporting and the condo claims.

More users on Twitter claimed that the 5100 Linksman location was also close to the Publix that they worked at and the Taco Bell that Petito had worked at previously.

This is all speculation, but if Davis is to be believed, that would mean that Brian and Petito lived in a condo not far from Laundrie’s parents until they went on their cross-country road trip where Petito was killed.

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