Couple Spark Disney Dress-Code Debate After Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Shirts To Theme Park

"D is for Don't."

Sam Carter Twitter Twitter 

Disney is under criticism from fans calling out tourists for wearing inappropriate t-shirts at Disney parks.

After a fan posted an angry tweet about a couple's sexually suggestive t-shirts, fans all over the internet are calling for Disney to ban tourists wearing inappropriate merch at Disney parks like Disney World and Disney Land. 

The photo of the inappropriate Disney t-shirts have sparked a debate.

The t-shirts used Disney’s “D” calligraphy saying “I wanted the D,” and the other said “I gave her the D.” The shirts are sexually suggestive which is something fans deem not acceptable for Disney parks which children often visit with families.


These non-family-friendly shirts are sold on Etsy and Amazon and so many people are angry on Twitter over the inappropriate and suggestive shirts. 

A former Disney creative designer named Sam Carter, tweeted, "D is for Don't." 

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More fans replied and said things like "if they banned these shirts from ever being allowed in a Disney park again I wouldn’t be mad," or "Dude it’s a place for kids. They knew exactly what the shirt’s mean. Why at freakin Disney? BC obviously we don’t know how to act."

Disney parks normally have strict dress codes.

This wasn't the first time that we have seen fans spotting others in Disney Parks wearing inappropriate shirts.

Previous videos and photos on social media show that lots of women have actually been asked to leave the park because of inappropriate clothing but when it comes to suggestive text on t-shirts — Disney didn't kick this couple out. 

This past summer a woman made a TikTok about her experience at Disney where she had to be escorted by a Disney employee to wear a different shirt because her tank top "wasn't appropriate," according to the park employee. 


Different from this woman's experience, a man who wore a very inappropriate shirt, much like the suggestive Disney shirt that the couple had on, didn't get kicked out and but instead was given a birthday badge by an employee. The man's shirt read, "blow me, it's my birthday." 

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Women took advantage of the Disney Clothing rule over the summer after TikToker Amanda DiMeo posted a "Disney hack" that involved wearing a shirt showing your underboob equals getting a free Disney shirt.

DiMeo got a 75 dollar t-shirt with a free ticket she was given when entering the park to go buy another shirt to wear. 

In the case of sexually suggestive Disney font and t-shirts, fans are outraged by the audacity of these people to wear these t-shirts in a kid's theme park. 

Disney's rule on their website about the park rules says they have the right to refuse a guest entry or remove them for wearing inappropriate attire.


"We reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests."

One Twitter user suggested that kids have seen worse than suggestive t-shirts, and included that Disney even has inappropriate references in their movies.

"All of y’all here saying “but that’s a place for kids and there shouldn’t be this inappropriate shirt there” like kids don’t see or hear worse outside of Disney land/world. Plus Disney has inappropriate things in some of their movies."

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