What Elon Musk's Plan To 'Vote Republican' Means For Twitter

Our former president might be making his comeback sooner than we thought.

Elon Musk Tweet and Twitter headquarters Kathy Hutchins / Phil Pasquini / Shutterstock.com

Elon Musk has revealed to his 94 million Twitter followers that he will no longer be supporting the Democratic party — opting to vote for Republicans in the future.

The announcement was part of one of Musk's many daily rants after Tesla was booted from the S&P 500’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) index — an index that ranks companies based on those three categories.

After losing approximately $12 billion dollars in a single day, one could understand why Musk would be a little upset, but he took it a little far (right) and even revealed that he would be altering his political alignments.


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Considering he’s already been making waves in the media world for his acquisition of Twitter, many are concerned with what all of this might mean for their favorite social media platform.

What does Elon Musk's Republican support mean for Twitter?

It could likely mean many things for one of the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Jack Dorsey, the previous owner, had previously shown that his political alignment favored the left side of things.

He would contribute his riches to political candidates and mayors that were vying for Universal Base Income, a concept that’s widely perceived to be a leftist policy, and also famously enacted and defended a ban on the former President Donald Trump after the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot.


Before announcing that he was even switching his political alignments, Musk spoke about unbanning the former president, a move that he’s much more likely to make now that he’s voting Republican.

He believed that the Democrats were once the “(mostly) kindness party,” but have quickly become “the party of division & hate.”

No one is more divisive than Trump, but Musk will likely see unbanning him as a way to get back at the Democratic Party, whom he believes will launch a “dirty tricks campaign” against him.


Musk is unlikely to stop there and will continue to unban many of the previously banned GOP politicians that have violated the site's terms — people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert.

Perhaps the entire “anti-censorship” campaign that the Republicans have been battling for can come true behind the back of an angry Musk who is fed up with the Democratic party.

Instead of having to flee to lesser-known platforms like Gettr, Parler, or Trump’s new Truth Social, they can come back to Twitter and wreak havoc once Musk alters the rules a little.

Many people believe that Musk’s announcement about leaning on his right foot instead of his left isn’t much of a surprise.

Many people also just assume that the wealthiest of the wealthy default to Republicans because they provide the rich with things like tax cuts, bailouts, and relief, but it’s possible that’s not always the case.


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It’s understandable that Musk would be fed up with the Democratic party and the system they’ve been running with for the last two elections, anyone would be, but that doesn’t mean he should do anything drastic about it.


Just because Tesla didn’t make it onto the list that he calls “a scam” that has been “weaponized by phony social justice warriors”, doesn’t mean he needs to swap his political beliefs.

Maybe all he needed to do was throw his little tantrum and get over it, but who knows where this will all go in the upcoming months.


As the richest man in the world, despite losing over $12 billion in one day, he still holds a lot of power.

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