Stepmom Asks If She Wrong For Stopping Husband From Throwing An Engagement Party For His Daughter

She's not happy with the guest list.

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A stepmother who turned to Reddit for backup after having an argument with her husband may not have found the response she was hoping for after Reddit users turned against her.

Posting to the subreddit "Am I The A--hole," the woman shared a conflict she was having over her stepdaughter's engagement party.

On this subreddit, you post your situation you are involved in, you tell your story, and after deliberation, you are given either YTA "you're the a-hole," NTA "not the a-hole, ESH "everyone sucks; here," or NAH "No a-holes here."


The woman prevented her husband from throwing an engagement party for his daughter.

In the beginning of the post, she explains her husband's daughter, who she named Clara for this post, recently got engaged.

The woman's husband asked if they could host a party to celebrate the happy couple since he had always felt guilty about how Clara was treated growing up in comparison to his daughter from his second marriage.

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"He feels he feels our daughter together got better birthday parties, and this is a point of contention with him," she says, passing off the blame on her husband since she wasn't involved in Clara's childhood.


"I wasn't even around when she was having these lackluster parties, so I don't know how it is my fault, but somehow it is."

However, the engagement party plans hit a snag when the woman decided Clara's future mother-in-law is banned from her home.

Listing off a series of conflicts that had arisen in the past, the woman explained that the groom's mother could not be invited to the party.

She claimed his mother once "got drunk at our house and announced we're bad people for getting married."

Clara in-law supposedly claimed she was the superior mother for never introducing a boyfriend to her son before he was ready. 

The woman says she also once "made a joke how Clara will never want to bring her future children to our house." 


You get the gist, both of the moms seem to rub each other the wrong way so, needless to say, they probably shouldn't be hanging out.

But this left Clara in a difficult position. She inevitably did not want to host an engagement party and not invite her partner's mom.

Clara accused her stepmother of being selfish.

"She said I should have thicker skin and not care what this woman says," the poster explains but stands her ground.

"There really isn't time to book a venue, so we are just going to cancel."

Reddit users were divided in their responses.

"Even though you've got plenty of very good reason to hate that guest - isn't the right way to do it," one comment reads.


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But others state it's the woman's own home so she makes the rules.

This all comes down to a timing issue and the Reddit poster definitely waited until the last second to kick up a fuss. We can't excuse the actions of the groom's mother but it seems only Clara and her groom are paying the price.


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