Wedding Photographer Taking Photos On A Pier Blames A 'Karen' For Ruining His Shot By Walking Her Dog

The incident has received mixed reactions, with some viewers annoyed by the woman's actions and others defending her right to walk on the dock.

Wedding photo Karen TikTok

Wedding photographers work hard to ensure that their newlyweds’ big day is captured as picture-perfect as they can get it. Some will even go to extreme lengths of timing airplane arrivals to get the perfect shot of the massive aircraft in the background of the photos.

When one wedding photographer had the perfect setup featuring the airplane and the newly married couple sharing a kiss, a bystander decided to stroll into the shot, ruining the moment.


The woman, whom the photographer dubbed a ‘Karen’ stepped into the couple’s wedding photos while walking her dog.

The photoshoot appears to be unfolding on a pier in Corfu, and an island in Greece in a TikTok video that has over 26 million views.

Wedding photographer and videographer, Duminciuc Bogdan, records his process of placing the couple in the perfect spot that will allow an airplane to fly right over them for the photos. However, just as the plane is passing by and the newlyweds lean in for a kiss, a woman walking her dot suddenly appears in the shot.

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As Bogdan can be heard shouting protests at her behind the camera, the woman turns around, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was even taking photos.

“Oh, come on!” he complains now that his perfect wedding shot now includes a random stranger with her dog in it. “I was trying to get a shot with the couple and the airplane and Karen here decided to ruin our shoot,” he wrote in the text overlay of the video.

Viewers had mixed responses to the viral video.

Some were just as annoyed by the stranger’s actions and oblivion as Bogdan was.


“Unbelievable,” one user commented on the woman. “I know the dock belongs to everyone but what's a 10-second wait?” another user wrote.

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“People have never heard of common courtesy,” another added. However, others believed that the woman did no wrong and she had a right to walk along the dock even if it meant getting in the way of the photos.

“You better not take a time-specific photo in a public space then where people obviously are going to walk through and have every right to,” one person shared.


“People are living in their own world. they're not living in yours,” another user pointed out.

 “She probably saw them taking pictures for like 20+ seconds as she was walking up to them and probably didn’t realize they were waiting for the plane,” another wrote.

Hopefully, that was the last photo the woman appeared in and the couple had more to look back on.


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