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Wedding DJ Records Video Of Woman Arguing With Boyfriend Who Danced With Bridesmaid

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A DJ on TikTok posted a video of his experience working at a wedding where all hell broke loose when a boyfriend danced with a woman his girlfriend did not like.

Darnell Pitts, the DJ, walked over to the area outside a closed bathroom door and recorded the screaming that could likely be heard all around the venue, captioning his video  “Wedding Drama!”

The reason for the screaming and the incident itself is dividing users online, with some people siding with the woman and others siding with the man.

The girlfriend was yelling at her boyfriend because he danced with one of the bridesmaids she didn’t like.

“Girlfriend is pissed that her boyfriend danced with a bridesmaid she apparently doesn’t like,” read the text that Pitts put at the beginning of the video.

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“I hope you know that!” the woman can be heard screaming at the top of her lungs. “Do you understand me?”



The boyfriend can be heard trying to plead and ration with her, but her screams of anger only seem to get worse as he says, “You’re literally the one hitting me, I haven’t touched you. I haven’t f---ing touched you,” implying that she has been physical with him during this altercation.

The video finished with the girlfriend screaming toward the end, “[unintelligible] f--- you up!” and Pitts showing his facial reaction to the incident unfolding near him.

One person in the comments asked, “just [because] he was dancing with someone???” to which Pitts replied, “Keep in mind they were hella drunk.”

As the video has received over 3.5 million views, many people flocked to the comments to give their opinion on who was in the right or who was in the wrong, with a surprising amount of people siding with the woman for yelling at her boyfriend.

“I know this scream. That man is 100000% at fault,” wrote one user in the comments.

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“After reading these comments… ladies if you find yourself needing to yell like that. Please find a new man lol. He ain’t worth it,” read another comment, implying that the man would always be at fault for causing them to yell.

“That scream doesn’t come from nowhere. Gotta hear the whole story,” wrote another.

Many people who sided with the woman echoed the same sentiment, that something must have set her off in order for her to react this way — it had to be the man’s fault.

A lot of users took note of the people defending the woman and flipped the script, claiming that if it was a man acting like this toward a woman, they would not defend the man.

“The comments are hysterical let's not judge her YET if the tables were turned the comments would be crazy. Run dude she's not the one,” wrote one person.

“Imagine a man [yelling] at a woman like that in a bathroom lol the comments would be the complete opposite of these,” wrote another.

Others outright labeled their relationship toxic — defending nobody and claiming that they should both just end the relationship for their own good.

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