Amber Heard’s Mugshot Resurfaces Amid Claims That She Was Involved In A Vehicular Manslaughter Case

Let's unpack these rumors.

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A resurfaced mugshot of Amber Heard has started circulating online claiming that the actress had been involved in a vehicular manslaughter case.

The mugshot started making the rounds on social media while Heard is currently embroiled in an ongoing defamation trial brought by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

The rumors spread across social media after a Reddit thread was created, titled "Was Amber Heard involved in vehicular manslaughter as a teenager?"


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Many people on social media started making claims that Heard had been arrested for her alleged involvement in a car accident.


Was Amber Heard arrested for vehicular manslaughter as a teenager?

The claims are not true. There doesn't seem to be any criminal record for Heard that connects her to this kind of crime.

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According to Yahoo News, when Heard was 16-years-old, her best friend died in a car accident, which resulted in Heard becoming an atheist. At 17, Heard then dropped out of school to pursue a modeling career in New York, until later deciding to try acting in Los Angeles.

However, there is no evidence to suggest Heard was directly involved in this accident despite the claims made by some internet users that her juvenile record pushed her to drop out of school.


Amber Heard was arrested in 2003 on unrelated charges.

The vehicular manslaughter rumors likely stem from evidence of Heard's 2003 juvenile arrest record that has been circulating online.

Heard's mugshot was taken after she was arrested for driving with a suspended license. There is no proof that the case was related to her friend's death.

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Heard was also arrested in 2009.

The actress was arrested in 2009 following a dispute with her former girlfriend Tasya van Ree.


Van Ree has since come forward to say that Heard had been "wrongfully" accused and the entire incident had been blown out of proportions and that two cops who had responded to the dispute had "misinterpreted and over-sensationalized" the incident.

No charges were filed in that case and Heard was later released.

Heard and Depp's trial is set to resume next week following a week-long hiatus. The case is being played out across social media with fans on either side becoming increasingly visceral in their defense of either party.


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