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Customer Confronts Walmart Cashier Who Refused To Bag Her Groceries — 'That Is Not Customer Service'

Photo: TikTok
Walmart employee bagging groceries

A Walmart customer being checked out of the store took her phone out and started recording the cashier who was checking her out — angry with the service she was being provided.

The 2-minute-long clip shows the cashier scanning the woman’s items and then placing them on top of the bagging station instead of inside the bags, and that’s what the customer had a problem with.

The Walmart cashier refused to bag the rude customer’s groceries.

The overlaid text on the video reads “Walmart has the worst customer service,” with an angry-faced emoji as the frame settles on the woman working on the customer’s order.

Finished scanning all of her items, the cashier repeats the total to the customer, awaiting payment for the $124.64 worth of items that she purchased. “Are you going to put the rest of this stuff in bags?” the customer asks.

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It seems like she started recording because there were so many items on top of the bagging station and resting outside of bags that she wanted to confront the worker for her “lack” of customer service.

After ignoring the customer’s question and pressing some buttons on her screen, the employee proceeds to bag the rest of the items that she can see — quite angrily too. “There’s stuff over here too,” the customer says once she’s finished.

She’s ignored once again and after a short pan over to some dogs playing in the lane next to her, a man walks over and attempts to help with the bagging, but the customer refuses.

“No, unh-uh, I don’t [want help],” she tells the man — unclear whether or not they’re together. “There’s stuff that you put down here that needs to be bagged.”

Angrier now after the customer continues to give her attitude, the cashier says “Okay! I heard,” and then continues bagging the rest of the items angrily, mumbling to herself about her job and bagging the groceries — most of which can’t be made out by the camera. She does, however, say “It’s not that hard. Y’all be treating cashiers like they’re f—king slaves.”

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Photo: @kingkongzoe/TikTok

The Walmart cashier broke the customer’s cereal box in the process of bagging.

Since she was angrily placing the products inside of the customer’s bags, a cereal box ended up being ruined, busting open at the top but keeping the bag inside intact.

“Okay, you just damaged my cereal, I don’t… I don’t want it,” she tells the cashier, who angrily responds “Girl, it’s a box. It’s the box. Like, okay. Okay, then I’ll take it off.”

Goading her on, the customer asks her “You don’t wanna be here today? Because that is not customer service, the way you acting.”

Ignoring her once more, the cashier asks “$127.13.” But the customer isn’t finished yet, telling her “Please put my eggs in the bag, and don’t break them,” prompting the cashier to put them in the bag — angry still, but without damaging the eggs inside.

After everything is all said and done — the groceries have been paid for and all the items have been bagged — the two share one final exchange where the customer reveals that she’s going to post the video online, but the cashier doesn’t care, saying “do that then.”

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Despite posting the video to embarrass the angry cashier, commenters defended her.

“The customer’s attitude is probably the reason the cashier had an attitude,” the top comment read. “It seems like you were just making her day harder,” another person wrote. “Nah!! I'm on the [cashier’s] side!!!” a third commented.

One person asked for context, wondering what might have happened before this that caused the cashier to turn into such a foul mood, but others claimed that it didn’t even matter.

“I don’t even let cashiers at Walmart bag stuff for me, I do it myself,” one person claimed. “What’s next have her put them in the cart too?” and she wasn’t alone. Many people claimed that they would bag their own items or simply go to self-checkout in order to avoid this kind of situation. Why would anyone want to make an employee’s life harder?

Unfortunately, there’s no context for the situation or a deeper explanation of what happened since this post was just a repost of the original, but either way, no one should be treating workers like this — they’re human too.

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